School Chaplain Assembly: God Loves us

Yesterday our school chaplain, Christine, came in to lead whole school assembly. The theme of the assembly was that God loves us. Christine explained that we know this because it is a key message that runs though the Bible, ask the way from Abraham and Sarah, in the Old Testament, through to to the last book in the New Testament, written by John. 
using children with the same (or similar) names to people in the Bible, Christine made a human time line of people who had brought us that message, giving each of them a light to hold-representing God’s love. The living timeline also included Deborah, many of the prophets, Mary (the mother of Jesus), Jesus and his disciples. 
Christine used the Paschal Candle to represent Jesus, among the children about the symbolism on the candle: they were impressively knowledgeable! 
We were all tasked with thinking about God’s love this week, thanking Him when things are going well, and asking Him for help when things aren’t going so well. We will talk about these times in our assembly on Friday.

Thank you Christine for such a fantastic assembly-we learnt so much.


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