Reading Intent

At Holy Redeemer we recognise the importance of reading across the whole curriculum and the impact it has on the future success of our pupils.
The majority of our literacy lessons are planned around a high quality text as a hook. These texts are sometimes linked to class topics and can be a novel or a picture book. The texts are selected to engage our pupils in reading and to ensure that the process of reading into writing is effective and progressive. Therefore, the texts chosen in each year group are progressively difficult.
Through the systematic teaching of phonics (using a blend of Systematic, Synthetic Phonics, Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds) we aim for our pupils to become fluent readers by the end of KS1. Those who are not receive targeted intervention.
By providing the pupils with many varied opportunities to read for pleasure and information - timetabled slots in class for guided reading and independent reading; an adult reading a class book to them; lunchtime book club and older pupils sharing books with younger ones – they develop their own love of favourite genres and authors and the ability to review their books objectively.
We are aware of the vital role parents play in developing early reading and in maintaining progress as the pupils get older. Parents are invited in to the early years’ classes to share books with their children and to borrow books to read at home. Parental engagement is encouraged and valued throughout the school: reading records; targeted parents are supported; meet the teacher meetings; parents’ evenings; homework; book fair; Tapestry (EYFS)
We aim to provide numerous opportunities for our pupils to read aloud in public: assemblies, church, productions, poetry competition, wider community events. We believe this develops their confidence, expression and fluency.

Reading at Holy Redeemer according to our pupils

Reading is fun: Books make us laugh, cry and calm us down; reading helps us to grow in confidence and to concentrate on our learning. When we read we can escape into another world or learn lots of interesting new facts. Reading is important because the more we read, the better our writing becomes. We are better learners when we read. We like to read all the time.

"Today a reader; tomorrow a leader."

Margaret Fuller

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