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In Year 4 we love to Read!

We read every day in school and every night at home. We really enjoy listening to our teacher when she reads to us!
Reading forms an important part of our day, every day, in Year 4.  Reading links into all of our subjects – not just literacy.  For example, in RE we often read the Bible, Bible stories or prayers to help us with our learning; in history and geography we use our reading skills for research, including researching rivers or the Viking way of life; even in maths we have to use our reading comprehension skills to work out what we need to do when working on word problems.
Every day in the classroom, time is set aside for reading.  Sometimes this is quiet reading time, where we read our own books or the First News newspaper.  Other times this is guided reading sessions where we read a set text and answer comprehension questions (with support from the adults in class) to check our understanding of what we are reading.  And sometimes this is time when we sit back and relax and listen to Mrs Hill or Mrs Brennan reading to us.


We use a “book as a hook” to support our literacy lessons.  This means that our writing is inspired by, and linked to, a specific book.  So far this year, we have used four “books as a hook”:

This year’s books are: The Day the Crayons Quit, Arthur and the Golden Rope, The Lost Happy Endings, Dare to Care for a Pet Dragon, A River and Leon and the Place between.

We know that reading every day supports every area of our learning, from supporting our spellings to helping us come up with ideas for our own writing in literacy.  We also know that everybody is constantly reading things all of the time, without even thinking about it – posters around school, food labels so we know what we are eating, the TV guide so we know what we are going to watch, instructions on computer games, adverts, road signs, names of board games…  
Words are literally EVERYWHERE!!

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