Year 3 Chedworth Villa Visit

Year 3 had an amazing time at Chedworth Roman villa earlier this term. They had a very well informed tour guide, who shared with the pupils what the Romans would have done in each of the rooms. The children were shocked when they found out that Romans would have had to use a communal toilet, with no dividers, and they would share the same tersorium (toilet brush) to wipe themselves!

It was a great opportunity for the class to be able to make links and connections between what they saw at the Roman Villa with Modern day Britain, such as: underfloor heating, the steam rooms and swimming pools. At the end of the visit the children took part in a workshop where they were able to create mosaics, a very important  decorative art used by the Ancient Romans on walls and flooring, and to show wealth. 

What a wonderful way to bring history to life.

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