Year 3 History: Romans

After their educational visit to Chedworth Roman Villa, Year 3 continued to explore what life was like in Roman Britain, with a focus on their technological achievements. Pupils were able to gather information about what the Romans had built such as: housing, places of worship, bath-houses, roads and fountains. Pupils soon realised that Ancient Roman civilisation was very advanced technologically, and that lots of the features the Romans built can still be seen today.  The children then used and applied their knowledge of Roman constructions to create their very own Roman town.

The pupils worked very hard in this lesson and created an incredible town, which any Roman would have been thrilled to live in! At the end of the lesson, the children gave a short talk to the rest of the class, about the sections they had built and why the Romans had built these structures in this way. 

Well done Year 3!

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