Pre-school: Spring Week 1

During ‘Spring Week 1’ the children in pre-school spent some time looking for signs of spring. They then did some observational watercolour painting, taking inspiration from the work of Vincent Van Gogh, to paint flowers that staff had picked. Before starting staff and children spent a lot of time talking about what colours and shapes they could see.

Children’s maths skills were consolidated and extended through an activity where they had to add the correct number of paper clips as numerals written on flowers, to make petals, and by making finger numbers to 10, tracing around their hands, adding glue to the palm and decorating them. The children then demonstrated how they would show set numbers.

As it was Pentecost last Sunday, the children made fire headbands in their RE focus, to represent the  Holy Spirit.

The children’s ‘Understanding of the World’ was extended by looking at the life cycle of a flower. The children then helped the rest of the school to look after the flowers in our garden by watering them.  During their time in the garden the class also went on a hunt to see which of God’s creatures they could see. They were great at this, finding frogs and water bugs in the pond, and ladybird and other insects elsewhere in the garden.

Last week’s sensory play focus was water play, where the children had great fun making perfume out of herbs that they had picked in the garden. Mint was a a great favourite!



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