Reception Class Round-up: The Gingerbread Man

Over the past two weeks Reception Class have been learning about the traditional story of The Gingerbread Man. They have learned to retell the story using actions and a story map and during ‘own learning time’, have drawn their own story maps.

The children also made gingerbread men on the modelling table, built Lego and paper bridges (to help the gingerbread man cross the river safely) and decorated gingerbread men with buttons.

Inspired by the story the class role play area has become a bakery. The children made lots of the resources themselves, including salt dough biscuits and pastries, as well as pizza slices and sandwiches made from cardboard and paper. They love being the bakers and customers!

The class also visited the local bakery to buy their own gingerbread man biscuits. They were yummy! Thank you to Lawrence’s for allowing the children to visit and for making such delicious gingerbread men.

In Maths Reception Class have been exploring the composition of 5, using a wide range of resources, including bean bags, pattern links and cubes to help them. They are now working on trying to recall some of these number facts.

In their understanding of the world lessons the class are looking at materials and created their own ice pots. During their first lesson they collected ‘treasures’ from around the school grounds, added water to the pots and then put them in the freezer. The second week saw the children taking these out of the freezer and investigating what happened. They enjoyed watching their ice pots change over the course of the afternoon, slowly melting in the heat of the classroom and had lots of fantastic ideas for how they could speed up the melting process, including putting them in the sun, pouring hot (or even cold) water over them and putting them in the oven!

In geography the children worked in pairs to create a map of the gingerbread man’s journey using a range of resources from the classroom, including bricks, construction kits and flowers. The children then used a mini gingerbread man to go on the route.

At Forest School the class continued thinking about our Virtues for this term – Compassionate and Loving. They had heard the story of ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ during class liturgy and had been thinking about the giant being compassionate and loving. At Forest School they worked together to create a home for the giant and practised being loving and compassionate towards each other. 

Great learning Reception Class. Well done.


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