Reception Class Round-up: Handa’s Surprise

Last week Henerietta delivered the fiction book of ‘Handa’s Surprise’, and a non-fiction book about African Animals. After listening to the story the class had time to explore a range of fruits, make fruit rubbings, weigh them and look at them closely using the magnifying lens.
The children continued their learning on the creation station by making their own baskets with different fruits, using watercolours to carefully paint pictures of a range of fruits and working collaboratively to complete a fruit jigsaw.
Reception Class have also been finding out about the continent of Africa by looking at books, photographs, leaflets and artefacts.
In Science the class have been investigating forces and how objects move when they fall, and have also been observing how things fall with and without a parachute. They especially enjoyed watching how the large parachute moved in the wind.
In RE Reception have begun their topic of Pentecost. They retold the story in the small world tray, made their own Pentecost hats, enjoyed reading stories in the Bible and have made faces to show how the disciples may have felt before and after the Holy Spirit came.
In Maths the children were very busy finding out about 1 more and 1 less. They used the rhyme 10 little aliens in a flying saucer to help them understand 1 less.
Next week we are going to be using the story of Handa’s Surprise to create their own versions of the story, with different fruits and animals.  
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