Reception Class Round-up: Chinese New Year

During the last week of half term Reception Class enjoyed learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year. After discovering Sid the Squirrel’s delivery of the book ‘Winnie and Wilbur’s Chinese New Year’ and a non-fiction book about this celebration, they dressed up in some Chinese clothes, recreated the Great Wall of China in the construction area and were fascinated by Chinese writing. The children explored the letters of the Chinese alphabet and attempted to write their names, and some numbers, in Chinese.

In the finger gym the children continued to learn through their Chinese New Year theme, by carefully threading beads onto a pipe-cleaner to make dragon fire. On the investigation station they explored rice and on the creation station made their own Chinese dragons.

To finish off the week, Reception held their own Chinese New Year celebrations, including watching some dragon dancing, making a class dragon dance and trying some Chinese food. Some of the class even had a go at using chopsticks to eat their noodles and spring rolls before wishing everyone ‘Happy Chinese New Year – the year of the dragon!’

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