British Values (Democracy): Mock Election

As part of teaching the children about our British Value of Democracy, yesterday we held a mock election in school today, to mirror the general election taking place across the country. 

Candidates from Year 5, and their election campaign managers, had been very busy in the lead up to election day writing their manifestos, canvassing the playground and staff room, and putting up posters round school. Each candidate had visited all of the classroom constituencies to share with them their vision for the school, should they get elected, finding out about what their electorate wanted and working to persuade them that they were the right person for the job. The Blue Party captured the staff vote by offering a larger staff room and mor, while the Greens persuaded the more eco-minded staff and pupils that they were the ones to vote for by offering to convert the school to wind and solar power. The Yellow Party had a very popular policy of adding in additional PE lessons to the timetable (to be accommodated by reducing the number of maths or English lessons). The Red Party promised class pets.  

In assembly this morning each candidate gave a short speech, setting out their key election promises, and then class by class everyone visited the polling station to vote.

After the votes were counted the returning officer announced the results the following day: a resounding win for the Yellow Party!

Thank you to Mr Hall and Year 5 for providing the candidates. Your research into how general elections in this country work, and the quality of your manifestos and campaigns was impressive. Thank you to Miss Taylor for calling the election and to her and the Year 4s for acting as our election officers, overseeing the voting and counting process, and to Miss Russell, our returning officer, who announced the results in assembly today.


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