As a School Council we work hard to become great people, making a difference in our world. Have a look at the things we have been doing to live out our mission statement:
School Council Agenda 28th September

  1. Walk to school day

Mrs Sanders to meet with Mrs Garrad on 5th October…All School Council children will be invited to come to school earlier that day to organise. SC children have asked to do a traffic monitor earlier in the week to see if Walk to School Day has an effect.  (Also monitor after or on the day)

  1. Parliament day

Children present a voting afternoon to find out our favourite Roald Dahl book.  Each class reps to show their favourite book.

  1. Fund raising ideas

Children are collating ideas and will be ‘publishing’ soon.

  1. AOB

None today.
Next meeting Friday 14th October.
NOTE – Friday 7th October…children briefly met to discuss walk to school – please bring ideas to make posters next week.
School Council 23rd September

  1. Walk to school day

We discussed whether we wanted to join in with the walk to school day.  The council agreed it was important.  Mrs Sanders to talk to Mrs Garrad to arrange actions.

  1. Parliament week

Mrs Hall asked us if we would like to take part in Parliament week…we agreed yes, as some ks2 children are visiting London, we would like to do something with the whole school.  Ideas for next meeting.

  1. Buddy Bench

The School council would like to have a buddy bench or paint an existing bench for children to see to go to if they need a buddy.

  1. Fund raising ideas

We talked about fundraising ideas are compiling a list of things we would like to do.  More ideas for next meeting.  Mrs Sanders to talk to Mrs Hall about options for fundraising.

  1. AOB

Toast: we discussed how some children are not paying for toast.  We felt that if someone had lost their 20p we would let them have a piece of toast, but felt this was unfair if the same children kept asking for free toast.  Representatives from Years 5 and 6 to monitor and inform class teachers if it happens regularly.
Welcome to the School Council for 2016/17.  We are straight into a new year and have already started to think of ideas for fundraising for different projects.  One such project is to support our sponsor pupil in Worcester Primary School in South Africa.  We hope to have a day to commemorate South Africa and engage in some activities to deepen our learning of this country.
We have some exciting things we would like to do and hope you are able to support us.  The school Councillors will be out on the playground (look out for us carrying our yellow books) each day.  You may also talk to us during the day when we are available to write down your comments and take these back to our council meetings.
We try to meet once a week with Miss Taylor and each class is represented by 1 or 2 children.  Please have a look at the minutes from our meetings.

School Council 2015-2016

This academic year we have continued to sell toast on Thursday break times to sponsor the education of an underprivileged child in Worcester, South Africa and to support Mee Chok, the abandoned baby elephant in Thailand who we have been sponsoring for two years now.   The children in our school bring 20p for a slice of toast with either butter, jam, honey or chocolate spread on top!



We decided to sponsor the education of a disadvantaged pupil at Worcester Primary School in South Africa after their headteacher and some of the class teachers visited us to talk about their school and the pupils in it. We need to raise £650 for this every year and made a great start last term by organising a ‘Bring Your Teddy to School Day’, which raised £136.


On  25th November we all took part in a ‘Beep! Beep! Day’ to help fundraise for the road safety charity,  Brake.  Children wore their brightest clothing to school for a £1 donation.  To support Brake’s vision further on this day, we also organised a ‘Giant Walk’ to encourage children to walk to school safely.  We all met near to the Abbey and walked to school together, joined by some parents, Community Support Officers and the Mayor too!


Bright Day Schol


We organised our own stall for our school’s Christmas Fayre which was a game of ‘Guess the Teddy Bear’s birthday’.  Children each paid 20p for a guess and the winner of the giant, cuddly bear was Ella!  We enjoyed running our own stall and were proud of the additional money we have raised towards our £650 target!


On Shrove Tuesday we organised a pancake sale during break time in the school hall.  Some very generous teachers and parents kindly made and donated lots of pancakes ready for this!  We helped to serve them to the children with a choice of toppings including chocolate spread, lemon, sugar and golden syrup.  Children paid 50p for a pancake and all the profits from this has been added to our South African Education fund.  Thank you to everyone who helped and raised money with us!


On 4th March, our School Council and Eco Council joined in with the national campaign to clean up our streets.  The children had a busy hour collecting all the litter they could find on the Abbey Grounds and the housing estate near to our school.  The children filled up lots of bags with litter which we then disposed of in the local bins.  We were all shocked at how much litter there was and realised we would have needed lots more time to clean up all of the mess!  The Eco Council will be thinking about continuing with keeping our environment clean throughout the school year.  Miss Taylor was so impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm, motivation and hard work in giving up their time and helping to make a positive impact on the world around us.  Fantastic!


 On 22nd April we welcomed our local MP, Harriet Baldwin, to our school.  She led a whole school assembly where we all took part in a mock vote. We voted on the motion ‘Holy Redeemer School believes that there should be no school uniform’.  Two Class 6 pupils led the for and against arguments and shared their opinions on why everyone else should vote with them.  Everyone listened closely and then chose whether they would like to vote aye or no.  We then had to move to our chosen side where our votes were counted by the tellers.  Harriet Baldwin MP took on the role of the Speaker of the House of Commons and shared the final count. The ayes had it and were declared the winners of the vote!  We got to meet her afterwards and shared with her what we do to help our school as the School Council.  Some of us thought about the idea of being an MP ourselves in the future!


 On 20th May we organised an ice-lolly sale for the end of the school day. We decided to sell different ice lollies priced at either 20p or 50p. All the money raised from the sale has been added to the ongoing fundraising target of £650 to support a child’s education at Worcester Primary School, South Africa. The sale was a great success! We sold nearly 200 ice lollies and raised £36!  A big thank you from Miss Taylor to the School Council who did a wonderful job at organising and running the busy event.  Well done!

South Africa Visit

During half term, Mrs Hall, Mrs Barker and Mr Turner (our Vice Chair of Governors), visited Worcester Primary School in Western Cape, South Africa, along with other teachers from Worcester schools. They had a very interesting week learning about what education is like over there and sharing with them some of the things we do in our school that we are really proud of.

As part of the visit Mrs Hall took an assembly for the whole school (906 pupils!) and showed them a Powerpoint about our school that Ella and Caitlin made on behalf of the School Council. The children over there were very interested to find out about us, as we were to find out about them. Mrs Hall and Mrs Barker took letters over that the children at Holy Redeemer had written and brought some letters back for us. Mrs Hall and Mr Turner also gave presentations to the school Governors and to the teachers. Mrs Hall talked to them about our creative curriculum and Building Learning Power: how we are working on developing skills for life long learning at Holy Redeemer. Mrs Barker led two training sessions for the early years teachers, all about phonics and the teachers were very keen to learn about how we learn to read and write. In South Africa children don’t start school until they are 7!

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