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Values Council

Three years ago we introduced a Values Council. Each year the children vote in representatives from their classes and these children then work closely with Mrs Williams to introduce and develop our understanding of the Catholic School Values, brought in by the Diocese. These values go hand in hand with our country’s British Values.

They are exploring two values each half term by leading assemblies and changing the focus of the entrance hall display to match the values of that half term. The Values Council work with Mrs Hall and Mrs Williams to improve, monitor and evaluate RE in our school.

Meet our Values Council

This term we are working on being ‘intentional’ and ‘prophetic’:

19th September 2018

This week Y6 Value’s Councillors led their first prayer service of the year (for Year 1). We did it at lunchtime. The theme of our service was about coping with worries.

We reminded them about God being with them and if they were troubled he would be there to help them.

Here is some work that children did on being ‘attentive’ and ‘discerning’.

Last year our Values Council decided that they would like to plan and run a whole school Lenten Retreat Day. They enlisted the help of the other pupils in Class 6, who were all very keen to be involved. In groups of five they planned six activity sessions: three for Key Stage 1 and three for Key Stage 2, based around the events of Holy Week.

The day began with an assembly, planned and led by some of the older Values Councillors, where they took the rest of the school on a brief trip through the events of Holy Week, and finished with the Walk With Me Lenten prayer. The rest of the school we then sent off in their groups to rotate around the different activities, which involved role play, drama, meditative reflections, prayer, song, art and the use of IT. The children said that they enjoyed the day very much and that it was easier to understand when the older children taught!

Here are a few photos that were taken on the day: