Yr 6 Victorian School Day

This morning,  Yr 6 travelled back in time to 1896. The classroom was transformed with no evidence of computers or modern day equipment.

The children arrived in school dressed as Victorians and lined up in two lines of boys and girls to begin their day. After handwashing and hand inspection, they began the day with Religious Education.

They each had to pay a penny to come to school. Those who forgot were treated to a swish of the cane. They won’t forget again!

The next lesson was mental arithmetic, followed by handwriting practise. Some excellent scribes progressed on to using ink and pen. They learned how to write in a Victorian style, using hooks and hangers. Unfortunately, some pupils did not make the grade and had to stand in the corner, wearing the Dunce’s hat.

During breaktime the children enjoyed Victorian games such as hoops, skipping and hopscotch.

When they arrived back in the classroom after break, they had a surprise visit from the school inspector. He tested spellings, arithmetic, history and religious education. Thankfully, he awarded the school a pass and we all breathed a sigh of relief. 

A very busy morning ended with drill, history and geography, where the children learned about the countries which formed the British Empire.

Everyone was relieved to be back in 2020 this afternoon.

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