Year 6 Wizarding Art

This half term, as part of their learning inspired by Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Year 6 have been exploring the work of artists James Rizzi and Jim Kay, and creating their own wizard-inspired art, in the style of these two artists.

The American pop artist James Rizzi achieved renown for his linear, childlike style, vibrant colours and zany imagery. His work was described by the critic Glenn O’Brien as a cross between Picasso and Hanna-Barbera, combined with an evocation of Native American friezes. 

Where the subject of Rizzi’s pictures is usually buildings, Year 6 created Harry-Potter-character-inspired pictures, in the style of Rizzi.


After this, they explored the work of Diagon Alley illustrator Jim Kay, and applied his style of art to creating their own Diagon Alley out of clay, with different children taking on different magical shops.



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