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“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date…”

                                                                        William Wordsworth

Home learning

Toby’s completed World War 2 project. Well done Toby.

Hannah felt inspired by an on-line poetry workshop to produce some wonderful writing.

Alfie has been inspired by the literacy unit – The door of possibilities – to produce some lovely writing.  What a very creative drawing of the symbols of the Holy Spirit!

After finishing reading Goodnight Mr Tom, Hannah wrote a lovely poem depicting William’s feelings.

As part of his World War 2 project, Max made some egg-less cupcakes, which he shared with Harold next door. Harold is 99 and fought in the war. (The photo was taken before lock down. Max was very careful to leave the cakes on the doorstep.)

Alexsandra used the Talk for Writing home learning pack to write her own poem. 

Isabella has been working really hard on her World War 2 project.

In RE, Year 6 were asked to research how to write the message ‘Jesus is Alive’ in as many languages as they could, just like the disciples preached at Pentecost and everyone heard them in their own native tongue.

Ciara researched how to write the Pentecost message in different languages.

Ciara has been very busy with her science work

Hannah’s song for Captain Tom Moore. She performed it for me online and I was very impressed with her writing talent and her singing.

Hannah and her family have enjoyed celebrating VE day. They prepared a lovely tea which they shared with extended family over the internet. What a lovely idea! They also did a lot of learning using the resources and programmes on TV.

Alfie and Stella have been very busy and creative with their V.E. day celebrations.

Maisie has also been enjoying V.E. day. Her corn beef fritters look yummy.

Aleksandra has been learning how to blend

Jess has written an acrostic poem to describe the character Mr Tom


Aleksandra has enjoyed making Egyptian flatbread. It looks yummy!


As part of his WW2 project, James has written a very reflective poem about his great great uncle.


Bullets, needy prisoners and dead bodies lay around;

Waiting for help not death to come around;

Hundreds of prisoners begging desperately for aid;

They risked their lives don’t let the memory fade;

Through the pain and the sorrow they would trudge;

They waited on the beaches, for Hitler wouldn’t budge.


CSM Stanley Hollis came round to save many lives;

Little did he know of his place in the archives;

VC medal, fame, books, history;

But  the source his braveness and selflessness is complete mystery;

The legendary hero saved his whole company;

To help take the Allies spectacular victory.


From pub landlord to hero,

His fear adds up to zero,

Heroics to save others is what he did,

Destroying a pillbox which was well hid,

Killed many enemies to help end the war,

To get rid of the horror, blood, guts and gore.


D-day saw Hollis complete two VC acts,

To give the allies chance to stop all attacks,

He stormed forth on D-day for king and country,

He’d scare the Germans and make them flee.

He’ll go down in history for all his heroics,

He’ll be remembered for ever and so be it.




As part of our Easter unit of work in RE, Maisie has drawn her own image of what she thinks heaven looks like.

Alfie has looked at War poetry as part of his project and has written his own version of Dulce et Decorum Est.

Aleksandra has designed a model of an Anderson shelter

Aleksandra’s model of a shelter.

A poster for earth day 2020 by Alfie

Alfie and his sister have been enjoying some practical science.

Hapa zone experiment