Year 6 SATs Results

We once again celebrated exceptional SATs results this year, with 100% of the cohort passing the tests in maths, spelling, grammar and punctuation and in comprehension.

With a scaled score of 100 being the pass mark, and 110 being the threshold for working at the ‘Higher Standard’, this cohort exceeded all expectations by scoring an average of 111.7 across all tests (compared with the national average of 104.7), with one pupil scoring 120 in all English tests (the highest score possible). All pupils met their personal targets, and many exceeded them. We are so proud of them and the hard work and dedication that the have put into the learning across their time at Holy Redeemer, and especially this year, and of all their many and varied achievements in art, music, drama and sports too. They have been wonderful prefects and we will miss them a lot.
Congratulations to all of last year’s Year 6s. Thank you for all that you have done for the school over your time with us. Blessed Edwards are very lucky to be getting such mature, talented pupils. Thank you also to all staff who have worked with these children and inspired, motivated and supported them over the past seven years.

Here are just a few photos of their time at Holy Redeemer:

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