Year 6 SATs Results

Despite interrupted learning, due to Covid 19 school closures when they were in Years 4 and 5, our Year 6s have managed to stay on track academically and left us at the end of term with a fantastic set of Sats results. We are very proud of their hard work, motivation and achievements and also of that of the staff who have supported them in all their learning. They leave us well prepared for secondary school and ready to do well in so many areas. With 100% of them achieving the expected standard in Reading (58% working at greater depth), 97% in maths (32% at greater depth) and 90% in writing (16% at greater depth) and an amazing 87% achieving in all three (Reading, Writing and Maths), this once again puts the School’s results well above national average.

  Holy Redeemer National Holy Redeemer Av. Scaled Score National Av. Scaled Score
Reading (Secure +) 100% 74% 110.1 105
Maths (Secure +) 97% 71% 107.6 104
Writing (Secure +) 90% 69% N/A N/A
Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation 100% 65% 110.5 105
Reading, Writing & Maths 87% 59% N/A N/A
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