“I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.”

                                                                               John 10:10



In this unit the class have learnt about the different styles of writing in the Bible: parables, prophecies, letters, prayers, proverbs and teachings. The children chose their favourite genre to write a message from God to the children in Y6. The message was about how to make this year the best one yet.

The children have also thought about listening to the voice of creation. During this season of creation, they considered what different parts of creation might be saying to humans today, and wrote messages from the point of view of an animal or plant. Afterwards they created some lovely, detailed artwork of their favourite part of creation: some of which work is displayed at the back of church.



Save me! I am the Panda!

Stop! we may be off the extinction list but we don’t want to be back on it.

Don’t hunt us for our lush fur which keeps us warm in the winter! We need it!!

Don’t catch us just for you to show us off like a prized possession             

          STOP NOW      –    by   Annie

Why do you hunt us?

Why do you eat us?

Hit us and hurt us, kill us and beat us?

Stop it! Stop it now!

We were happy, roaming the oceans you see;

But if you keep on doing this to us,

We will be gone for all eternity!    – by Billy

We swim the seven oceans

We go from sea to land

In the oceans there is plastic all over the ocean.

My babies get stuck in your nets.

Your nets are in my home.


If you think we are cute and tiny

Save us! Help us!

We just get stuck in your rubbish

And are treated horribly.     – by Chloe

Please don’t drop litter in the sea.

Us animals could choke or suffocate .

 We want to keep our seas clean so we can swim free.

We love to glide through the sea and lots of  us stay together

 in a school of turtles.

Sometimes we spot people throwing litter in the ocean.

We will be nice to you if you’re nice to us.

People have no idea how much rubbish in my home.   – by Lily C


Stop destroying our home and chopping down trees,

Stop killing the bees that make honey.

The beauty of the forest is for us all,

The dark, dense undergrowth and leafy canopy.

From the majestic wolf to the furry bear

Stop using us as mantle-pieces like we don’t care.

So please stop it,

Because we can’t end it.

        STOP NOW!    – by Daniel


We swim, we hunt, in seas that are calm and rough.

We leap in the air because we don’t care, but what we

Care about is our home.

We get caught in nets  and die from swallowing plastic,

We need you doing something fantastic 


Stop throwing plastic into the ocean

And be more careful around our seas .

We’re not endangered because of disease

It’s you! So stop please!     –   by  Dara

Why do you hunt us, why do you eat us?

You have plenty of other food, why can’t you treat us!


We live in the ocean; you will make us extinct.

I will eat you, you can’t even think!




I roam my home looking for more of my kind,

looking at what mankind has done to us.

We are nearly gone.

Imagine a land of rhinos and life and then come back a year later and see no rhinos and life.

Our horns help us to survive 

but now they are for mankind to take.

Will man ever stop to help us or leave us?

One day we will be gone and it will be because of you.

Please stop and take some time to help us.

Trust us you will miss us when we are gone.   by Delilah

We hunt, we swim, in

Oceans both rough and

Calm. We jump up, then

Dive and glide through the water.


You say we are intelligent

You say we go to school.

But our future is in doubt,

For it is people who play fool. –  by Eric


As my leaves drift on with the wind

They cross polluted ocean

They whisper this can be the conclusion

We must save the Earth.


As they fly on and on

They say:

We bring you oxygen and still you yearn and crave

Our wood,

You chop us down

Until we are no more.   –  by Freya


See the axolotl swimming free,

It swishes its tail to pick up speed.

See its magnificent colours streak past,

As what you see may be the last.

Cause when it swims behind the rocks,

It sees your mess and then it stops.

For the trash you’ve thrown and the trash you’ve stored,

Cannot truly be ignored.

You must clean it up at a speedy rate,

Or by the time you’ve finished it will be too late . . .    – by Florence

You are cutting down too many trees,

You are killing what keeps you alive.

You are ruining the next generation’s lives,

So please just help by not cutting down so many trees,

If you could do that the world would be so much better.

                       WE NEED YOUR HELP!   – by Jack R


Stop killing our home, you are chopping down our trees.

Stop shooting us we can barely breathe.

With all of the burning trees and fire

It could only be that my one desire is to live and be free.

Humans don’t know but my home means a lot to me.

Even though we are animals we have feelings too.

That is my story; thank you for listening.

 If only you could be nice and help us

Oh well it is okay, humans are not the nicest anyway.  by Kaya


Is it me, or is it hot in here?

We’ve tried to make it pretty clear.

Heatwaves, floods and many more.

We need to save the home we adore.



Our place needs to freeze!

Save us all! Save us now!

Don’t even wonder how.


Stop using plastic every day.

I’m sure you’ll find another way.

Greenhouse gases pollute our world,

It feels that we’re unheard.

So help us now, help us soon.

Hear us now hear us loud.   – by Lucy


This is the ocean, full of all sorts of wildlife.

There are turtles, sharks, fish and coral reefs, where so many of us could be living peacefully.

But fisherman are killing the fish.

Coral reefs are dying from climate change;

whales by oil spills;

Turtles get caught in plastic.

Imagine a world where animals roamed freely, no pollution, and no global warming.   – by Ranjodh

My friends are dying!

My family is dying!

Soon all your friends and

Family will be dying

If you don’t stop killing us!


I give you fresh Oxygen

To breathe and thrive and live.

But what we get in return

Is a burning fiery death…


Before you say, “There are plenty of trees still alive”

Consider this! You need trees

To survive. so if you kill all

The trees then we can’t make Oxygen

All the humans and creatures

Will die

So no there are not enough trees.

At least not now!

But you might be able to change that in the

FUTURE!    – by  Seth


Do you hear the wolves howling at night?

They are howling at you to stop setting traps.

They are howling at you to stop cutting down trees.

Your killing our habitat.

We howl to the sky; it’s our cry.

Do you hear the wolves at night? They’re warning you before it’s too late. You need to hurry!

Save us, they cry; we’re unhappy…


Do you hear the wolves at night?   –  by Sophie

I am the elegant whale.

I glide through the serene Ocean

That many creatures call their home. but soon our safe space will be gone.

 We have been polluted. We are unheard

But now is your chance to end this nightmare!

My calming songs tell you that I am here

But soon this melody will disappear!


My trees!

My trees!

My glorious trees!

What have you done

To us budgies, who live

In trees?

Cut down!

Do you consider our feelings?

Look at us!

Find us a home.

This is not your home to destroy

Think about the consequences.  – by Thomas


Stop littering beaches.

They are wonderful and tropical places.

Beaches provide great homes

For turtles, crabs, starfish and clams.

Sometimes litter gets caught in the waves

And floats out to sea.

Whales, fish, starfish,

Baby sharks and turtles are killed.

Rockpools are also great habitats

For crabs, sea snails, clams, barnacles and starfish.   – by Philip

















Autumn Term Class Assembly

Year 6 led the School and parent community in prayer and worship on November 9th, on the theme of ‘Lord, Reign in me’, with a particular focus on Remembrance. 

The children had written some beautiful reflections, and created some artwork, based on what they think Heaven is like and they shared these with us all. They told us that to get to Heaven all we have to do is follow Jesus’ commandments and love God and love our neighbour. They then dramatised the story of Lazarus and the rich man, and reflected on the meaning of it. A fantastic rendition of ‘All God’s Creatures Got a Place in the choir’ put a smile on every face, with requests of an encore from children in Reception Class, which Year 6 fulfilled at the end of the assembly as we were all leaving the hall.

The assembly finished with a short Remembrance Day reflection, including a minute’s silence and a group recitation of John McCrae’s ‘In Flanders Fields’. 



In class Year 6 thought about what Heaven might be like, based on what the Bible says about it. They drew pictures to illustrate their thoughts.