Year 6: Good Shepherd Mass

On Friday Mrs Williams and Mrs Hall took a minibus-ful of Year 6s to St. George’s church, in Worcester, for the annual Good Shepherd Mass. The children were fantastic representative of the school, singing, reading and taking part in the offertory procession with confidence and respect.

As part of the mass, children took up a cheque of the money the Values Council raised during Lent, for Father Hudson’s Society, who had organised the mass. Bishop David talked to the children about how Jesus was the Good Shepherd, who looked after and cared for His sheep, and how every time we all do something to help, or care for, someone else, we are all good shepherds like Jesus. It was a lovely message and the children realised that by raising the money for Father Hudson’s they had all been like Jesus.

Special thanks to Blessed Edwards, who organised the mass and led the music with their fantastic choir, soloists and musicians.

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