Year 6 had a very busy start to the year. All the prefect badges were quickly distributed and the children are demonstrating every day that they are ready to lead the school as good role models. 

One of their prefect roles was to prepare an assembly to welcome our new Reception Class. The children worked in groups to create posters which described to the younger children the things they enjoy most about Holy Redeemer. They also wrote poems and reflections to tell them about Holy Redeemer and the wonderful experiences they will have during their time here.  



In English their first Book as a Hook text was ‘Street Child’, by Berlie Doherty, which links to their history topic on the Victorian era. The children wrote descriptions of the work house, using a range of figurative language.  



This term’s first Science topic was Evolution and Inheritance. The children learnt about adaptation and how it links to evolution. They researched living things and their habitats, to discover how specific adaptations help them to survive. They also learned about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection. The children found out about his expedition on The Beagle and the research he carried out. They used a variety of objects: chopsticks, spoons, tweezers to emulate the beaks of Darwin’s finches and investigate which type of beak was best for each food type. This helped them to understand how the finches had adapted over time in order to survive. 



In History during the Autumn Term, the class topic focused on the impact of the Victorian era. The children used a variety of sources, including some original newspapers, which were kindly lent to them by a parent, to compare the coronations of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Then they class looked at what life was like in Britain in 1837, when Victoria became queen and in 1952 when Queen Elizabeth came to the throne. They also researched the lives of rich and poor children and learnt lots more during their visit the Black Country living museum! 



In music, Mr Lister taught the class some songs from the Victorian music hall, for a performance to  parents just before half term.  


In art the children have been working on developing their drawing skills, using charcoal. In their History topic on the Victorians, they have been earning about child labour, and the jobs that children carried out in mines. They used this as their inspiration for their art.

They also used their Book as a Hook, ‘The Lost Words’ to inspire their final pieces in their unit on drawing and watercolour painting.

Design Technology

This term, in Design Technology, Year 6 have been working with textiles. As part of the design process they spent some time researching items made from textiles and making mood boards of designs and fabrics that inspired them. The children then used a design brief, and their mood boards and research, to produce a plan for how they would make their textile design. After using paper to make prototypes and patterns, learning and practising a range of stiches and passing their sewing machine driving test, the children were finally ready this week to start making! The children have been give a wide brief and so there are a great variety of things being made, from a Christmas stockings, pencil cases & bags, to cuddly toys. 



In PE this term Year 6 have had a wealth of great learning opportunities in their lessons: team building/orienteering, swimming, invasion games (complete, collaborate, create), invasion games and dance. They have also been able to apply these to matches, tournaments and festivals.



Year 6 took part in the Primary STEM Challenge. They had to use K’NEX to design and build a racking unit for a warehouse, and a machine to grab and move the items from the shelves. The children had a fantastic morning and learnt lots. Congratulations to our class winners, whose design will now go forward to the next stage of the competition. Thank you to Sarah Lalor, from STEM, for a great learning opportunity.