“That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.”

                                                                               L.M. Montgomery

Science: Forces

Year 5 finished off their half term Forces topic with a morning filled with forces investigations. They made parachutes and investigated the effect of canopy size, canopy material, string length and the weight attached to the parachute, the effects of streamlining by pulling boats with different shaped fronts through water, the relationship between upthrust and surface area, and explored friction by measuring the force required to pull weighted baskets over different surfaces and the effect, on moving objects, of rolling them down slopes at different heights. So much fantastic science learning came out of the investigations, as well as lots of opportunities to apply maths and collaboration skills.


This term’s History topic was Ancient Egypt. In art, Mrs Breakwell made a cross-curricular link and the children worked on developing their skills with clay, culminating in designing and making their own canopic jars, styled on those they had researched in their History.



Geography/Science: Knapp and Papermill Fieldwork

Years 4 and 5 visited the Knapp and Papermill Nature Reserve to take part in some geography fieldwork. During the day the children investigated the erosion and deposition of the streams, and profiled the stream by measuring the speed of the current and the depth of the water at various intervals. With these measurements they were able to work out where the erosion and deposition would take place. 

In a separate session, groups took samples of the water and identified the living organisms that they found. They examined the creatures and recorded the types of animals they had found. This enabled them to draw conclusions on the pollution levels and health of the stream.

The children all had a fantastic day and learnt so much.



Outdoor Learning: Pyramids

In their outdoor learning session with Mrs Andrews, the weather was mild and the sun shone, which is always a bonus! 

The focus of the session was communication, teamwork and problem solving, linked to their history topic on Ancient Egypt. They were challenged to build a square-based pyramid out of things they found in the forest school area. They foraged for materials and build some fantastic, creative pyramids. 


Art: Watercolour Painting & Artist Focus

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Year 5 took inspiration from the work of Makenzie Thorpe, who uses hearts as a recurring theme in his art, and who focuses on using red as an accent colour. 

The children researched his life and explored his work-identifying his style & key themes. They chose their favourite pieces of his work and wrote about why those pieces especially appealed to them, before applying their drawing and watercolour skills to creating their own interpretation of their chosen piece. They produced some fantastic art. Here are some photos of them at work:



Art: Tie Dye 

After half term, Year 5’s art was based around their class ‘Book as a Hook’, The Book of Mythical Beasts & Magical Creatures, by Stephen Krensky. As well as designing their own mythical beast, or magical creature, focussing on how texture can be built up by using layers, they were inspired by the patterns on each of the front pages, to design their own tie dye patterns. This week they were adding the dyes: