Year 5 Outdoor Learning Sessions: Forces

On Wednesday Year 5 enjoyed a great afternoon of outdoor learning, based around their new science topic-Forces. Mrs Andrews and the children started the afternoon by talking about what they had already learnt about forces (pushes, pulls, twists, magnets and gravity), then went out into the Forest School area to take on their Forces Challenge!

Mrs Andrews had an egg for each group and the children had to work together, applying their knowledge and understanding of forces and other science topics, to find a way to stop their egg from cracking should it fall out of it’s nest. Using only what they could find in Forest School, and their ingenuity and thinking skills, each group set to work. Some groups made a padded container, with a parachute, for their egg to sit in, and others created a soft landing pad underneath the nest, as well as attaching a parachute. 

At the end of the session only one group’s egg cracked when it fell, but this didn’t go to waste, as Mrs Andrews and the children were able to use it as a really good teaching point to further the children’s understanding, by thinking about why that egg had cracked, but the others hadn’t, and what they would need to do differently next time.

Well done Year 5, and thank you Mrs Andrews.

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