Year 5 DT: Bird Boxes

In their DT this half term Year 5 have been researching bird boxes: why we need them, where to site them, how different birds need different types of boxes and what types of wood are the best for making them. 

The children have also taken part in some focussed practical tasks to learn how to safely saw, nail and use a glue gun. They have been putting those skills into practice by working in small groups to measure and cut wood to make bird box to put up around the school site.

This week they moved on to the next stage-construction. They learnt how to join the pieces together with nails and screws, using various tools, and how to put ashfelt on the roofs.

They will then move on to designing their own camouflage patterns to decorate the boxes with, so that they blend in to the areas they have chosen to put their box.

Thank you Mrs Breakwell and Mrs Andrews and also our volunteer, Mr Crumplin, for supporting the children in this.

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