“…orange, gold, amber; cool nights and the smell of fire; our tree-lined streets are set ablaze…”

                                                                          Shauna Niequist

This half term our exciting topic is Earth and Space.

We have been working hard this half-term to produce some very creative ‘un-homework’ projects, which we present to the rest of the class on Fridays.


In Science we have been looking at the Solar System and Forces.

Class 5 work together to create their own working models of the Earth/Moon’s movement relative to the Sun.



We also had an opportunity for some Outdoor Learning, where we looked at how gravity affects falling objects. Each group was tasked with dropping an egg, without it breaking. Each group had their own creative and unique ways of protecting their egg and everybody’s egg survived!

In Maths this half term we have looked ‘Place Value’ and ‘Addition and Subtraction’

Below are some examples of puzzles we completed in maths, these tested our knowledge of Roman numerals.



In Literacy we have been reading The Wisp: a Story of Hope, by Zana Frallion.

We have written our own character descriptions about Idris, the main character in The Wisp.

And used the book and its illustrations to inspire our learning in art. We’ve been observing and using a variety of techniques to show the effects of light on objects and people, perspective, controlling and experimenting with particular qualities of tone, shades, hue and mood and considering the use of colour to express moods and feelings.


In RE we have been looking at God’s creation

Class 5 have written some prayers, thanking God for creation and their own Canticles of  Creation, celebrating all God has given us. We have also looked at ways in which we can do our part to help protect our planet.


We finished off our half term art unit by using and applying what we’ve learnt across the weeks, to create our own illustration in the style of our class book, ‘Wisp: a Story of Hope’. We included a portrait of a character, and flowed part of the person (hair, beard, scarf, etc) into a scene that our character was part of. We looked at how to show movement through lines and how to show perspective in our scene sketches. As an extra challenge, some of us included a hand in our picture. We’ve really enjoyed this unit of learning. Have a look at some of our work:




Year 5 had a wonderful day taking part in the Worcestershire Primary Robotics Challenge. They built their own robots, using Lego Technic, then used their coding skills to programme the robots to carry out set challenges. Everyone learnt so much and had great fun!