“…orange, gold, amber; cool nights and the smell of fire; our tree-lined streets are set ablaze…”

                                                                          Shauna Niequist


In Science we have been looking at the Solar System and Forces.

Year 5 have begun exploring models of the Solar System and the way gravity acts between objects. The children worked hard to produce some very creative ‘un-homework’ projects, which we present to the rest of the class on Fridays.

The children also enjoyed a great afternoon of outdoor learning, based around their science topic-Forces. Mrs Andrews and the children started the afternoon by talking about what they had already learnt about forces (pushes, pulls, twists, magnets and gravity), then went out into the Forest School area to take on their Forces Challenge!

Mrs Andrews had an egg for each group and the children had to work together, applying their knowledge and understanding of forces and other science topics, to find a way to stop their egg from cracking should it fall out of it’s nest. Using only what they could find in Forest School, and their ingenuity and thinking skills, each group set to work. Some groups made a padded container, with a parachute, for their egg to sit in, and others created a soft landing pad underneath the nest, as well as attaching a parachute. 

At the end of the session only one group’s egg cracked when it fell, but this didn’t go to waste, as Mrs Andrews and the children were able to use it as a really good teaching point to further the children’s understanding, by thinking about why that egg had cracked, but the others hadn’t, and what they would need to do differently next time.


Art and Design

Year 5’s art focussed on how to use pastels to create texture and light and shadow, based on the work of illustrator Grahame Baker Smith (illustrator of their class ‘book as a hook’, Wisp, a Story of hope). The children really enjoyed their learning and applied their new techniques to a final piece inspired by the book. Mrs Breakwell was very pleased with their hard work and progress. 



In Maths during the first half term we looked ‘Place Value’ and ‘Addition and Subtraction’ 

Here  are some examples of puzzles the children have completed in maths, using and applying their knowledge of Roman numerals.





In RE we have been looking at God’s creation

Year 5 have written some prayers, thanking God for creation and their own Canticles of  Creation, celebrating all God has given us. We have also looked at ways in which we can do our part to help protect our planet, studied St Francis of Assisi and showed how we reflect God’s love. The culmination of the topic was Year 5’s class assembly: an opportunity to share all of their learning with the rest of the class and with their families.

   Canticle of Creation

           O most high all-powerful to you belong,      

Praise, glory, and honour and all blessing.


Be praised, My Lord

For brother coral who decorates our oceans.


Be praised, My Lord,

For sister moon who lights up the night.


Be praised, My Lord

For brother tree who gives us oxygen to survive.


Be praised, My Lord,

For sister fruit who gives us nutrition.



O Most Powerful, at the top of the mountain, good Lord, to you belong praise, glory, honour all blessing.


Be praised, my Lord, for all your creation and especially Brother Fruit who does not let us starve to death, instead he gives us seeds of the fruits and we grow it and wait for it to ripe, we think of you when we look at him.


Be praised, my Lord for all your creation and especially Sister Sun who gives us heat on us and our crops to grow, I think of you my Lord when I look at her.




Year 5 had a wonderful day taking part in the Worcestershire Primary Robotics Challenge. They built their own robots, using Lego Technic, then used their coding skills to programme the robots to carry out set challenges. Everyone learnt so much and had great fun!


In PE the children have been working on fitness and strategy in team games in their lessons. Lots of the children have also been attending before and after school sports clubs in a wide variety of sports, including Running Club on Tuesday Mornings and after school Hockey Club. All that work definitely paid off when team of 18 children, 9 girls and 9 boys, took part in an indoor athletics competition at Blessed Edward Oldcorne. The children competed in a range of events including sprinting, throwing and jumping. They were outstanding and displayed excellent skills. It was fantastic to see personal best performances in a competitive setting and the determination to be the best they can be. Both the boys and girls teams both finished in first place and we are very proud of them all.