“…orange, gold, amber; cool nights and the smell of fire; our tree-lined streets are set ablaze…”

                                                                          Shauna Niequist

This half term our exciting topic is Earth and Space.

We have been working hard this half-term to produce some very creative ‘un-homework’ projects, which we present to the rest of the class on Fridays.


In Science we have been looking at the Solar System and Forces.

Year 5 have begun exploring models of the Solar System and the way gravity acts between objects.


We also had an opportunity for some Outdoor Learning, where we looked at how gravity affects falling objects. Each group was tasked with dropping an egg, without it breaking. Each group had their own creative and unique ways of protecting their egg and everybody’s egg survived!


In Maths this half term we have looked ‘Place Value’ and ‘Addition and Subtraction’

Below are some examples of puzzles we completed in maths, these tested our knowledge of Roman numerals.





In RE we have been looking at God’s creation

Year 5 have written some prayers, thanking God for creation and their own Canticles of  Creation, celebrating all God has given us. We have also looked at ways in which we can do our part to help protect our planet, studied St Francis of Assisi and showed how we reflect God’s love.

   Canticle of Creation

           O most high all-powerful to you belong,      

Praise, glory, and honour and all blessing.


Be praised, My Lord

For brother coral who decorates our oceans.


Be praised, My Lord,

For sister moon who lights up the night.


Be praised, My Lord

For brother tree who gives us oxygen to survive.


Be praised, My Lord,

For sister fruit who gives us nutrition.




O Most Powerful, at the top of the mountain, good Lord, to you belong praise, glory, honour all blessing.


Be praised, my Lord, for all your creation and especially Brother Fruit who does not let us starve to death, instead he gives us seeds of the fruits and we grow it and wait for it to ripe, we think of you when we look at him.


Be praised, my Lord for all your creation and especially Sister Sun who gives us heat on us and our crops to grow, I think of you my Lord when I look at her.





Year 5 had a wonderful day taking part in the Worcestershire Primary Robotics Challenge. They built their own robots, using Lego Technic, then used their coding skills to programme the robots to carry out set challenges. Everyone learnt so much and had great fun!


PE: Dance

Year 5 enjoyed a PE unit on dance this term. They worked with Mrs Annis to choreograph a class dance, which they were then able to perform at a dance festival.



Outdoor Adventurous: Pioneer Centre

Year 5’s visit to the Pioneer Centre involved lots pf high octane fun, including abseiling, climbing, low ropes, zipwire, high ropes, blindfolded team games and the Dinosaur, Wildlife and Education Centre.