“…orange, gold, amber; cool nights and the smell of fire; our tree-lined streets are set ablaze…”

                                                                          Shauna Niequist

This half term our exciting topic is Earth and Space.


Our driver text in English is Wisp by Zana Fraillon. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this book which has kept us guessing at every turn. The children reinvented the story writing their own based on a different emotion thief. They have worked hard to embed relative clauses and use more complex conjunctions within their writing. It also inspired this term’s art unit.

In maths, the children have been working hard within the unit of place value: recognising, reading, writing and comparing large numbers. They have been learning about the four number operations, using formal methods of calculating and developing mathematical fluency in these areas through varied reasoning and problem solving activities. 


In topic and science the children have been exploring many aspects of earth and space such as: The Space Race; first phone call to the moon; geocentric models; planetary order; space tourism and they have also created lots of wonderful pieces of art.