Year 4 Weekly Round up

Year 4 worked very hard in their lessons last week. They have been continuing to take inspiration from their class book, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, drawing story maps and performing some parts of the story. They spent some time looking at negative emotions and how to describe how the crayons might be feeling using ambitious vocabulary. I have been so impressed already by what some of the children have produced and I can’t wait to see how they apply it to their final piece of writing. 
In maths we have been continuing our unit on number and place value. We have learnt how to flexibly partition four-digit numbers. We have learnt how to find midpoints on a number line and identify which 3 and 4-digit numbers have been presented on a number line. We have used Base 10 to support us when finding 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more and less than a number too. What super mathematicians Year 4 are! 
This week, in Geography, the children continued with their local geography topic and used their research and planning to design and make leaflets of Pershore, detailing the key human and physical features. This provided them with inspiration for their art, where they have developing their ability to draw 3-D objects and draw using perspective. They applied this learning to investigating the art of local artist Gilly Oxlade-Arnott, and had a go at drawing some local buildings, using Gilly’s style as inspiration.
On Thursday the children took part in an exciting outdoor learning session with Mrs Andrews. The session was inspired by the work they had been doing in Art – based upon the wonderful work of local artist, Jilly Oxlade-Arnott, where they created 3-D models of local buildings using materials that they found in the Forest School area. 
RE saw them continuing to learn about Creation-from Abraham to Joseph, focusing this week on the covenant that God made with Abraham and why he tested him.
Their science topic on sound got very hands on this week, as they became acoustic engineers, investigating what features made the best string telephones and them making and testing their designs. They even took on the challenge of finding out if it was possible to listen in to someone else’s string telephone conversation by adding a third line to the design.
In their music lesson, with Mr Lister, they developed their skills and understanding of how to play tuned instruments, and how to read music.
Next week will be a busy, exciting week for us all. Stay tuned to see what fun Year 4 get up to next! 
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