Year 4 Viking Day

To start their Spring-term history topic, Year 4 had a “WOW” day at Bishops Wood, Stourport-on-Severn.

They were met from the minibuses by their guide for the day, Renhild (whose name means battle advisor) who turned out to be an extremely enthusiastic and informative Viking guide.

They started the day in the classroom where Renhild gave them an introduction to Vikings and showed them some Viking artefacts, including shields, helmets, chain mail, a spoon and a plate.  They found out that traders travelled from Scandinavia  to Britannia and found a peaceful land, free from conflict, with flat, fertile land and a climate suited for growing crops and rearing animals.  As a group they had to decide whether they wanted to stay in Scandinavia or whether we wanted to travel to Britannia.  Year 4 unanimously decided to …

… travel to Britannia.

They packed up their weapons, farming tools, seeds, animals (chickens, pigs, sheep), family and all their belongings and set off in their long boat.  Led by Captain Maddison they rowed across the North Sea to Britannia.  They walked from Northumberland to Mercia and discovered a Saxon settlement.

The bravest and stealthiest of the group approached the settlement to check whether anyone was living there and, if so, whether the inhabitants were friendly.  Fortunately, the settlement was abandoned so they set up their new home there.

Next, they learnt some useful skills: working with wool, making pottery and working in a forge to make jewellery.

After a busy morning, the hunting party set out to capture some food.  Because they would be out hunting for several days, they had to make their shelters first.  The children found out how to use Y branches and a ridge pole to make shelters and used what could be found on the forest floor to make them water-tight.  Whilst finishing the shelters, some made fire circles, animals traps and bows and arrows.

The final activity of the day was learning how to make fire, without the help of a lighter or box of matches. 

Year 4 started the day as school children, but left Bishops Wood as Vikings.

Thank you Renhild!!!

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