“Spring…is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”

                                                                           Frances Hodgson Burnet

What a wonderful Spring term we have had in Year 4! 

In the first part of the term, the children came into class one day, to find scorched paper, scratch marks, and amongst the chaos… a map. The children followed the clues (solving multiplication number sentences which corresponded to different locations on the map) and eventually found a mysterious nest of giant eggs. They headed back into class, full of questions and ready to find out more. Upon returning to class, they discovered that the ‘school camera’ had detected some unexplained motion over the weekend and captured a clip of what triggered the recording. The children were amazed, excited, and some rather frightened to discover a dragon had landed in our playground and decided to make its nest there. 
This lead to lots of discussion about what to do next. It was agreed that we would need to care for the eggs until the dragon returned. This lead onto the wonderful text by Mark Robertson, Dare to Care: Pet Dragon. The children became dragon experts and wrote detailed non-chronological reports using organisational devices and technical vocabulary.
The children were wonderfully engaged in this unit and their outstanding writing is a testament to all of the hard work they have been putting in. Well done Year 4, you are all writing superstars! 
Insert photos of dragon egg hunt/ video reactions/ writing examples here. 


The children have been working hard this term on securing their grasp of written methods for the four operations, and also practising their rapid recall of times tables on Learn with Emile, Mathsframe and, a current favourite, Tommy’s Trek. We have been encouraging children to be ‘Slinky Linky Snakes’ and spot connections between calculations, for example noticing that x5 is half of x10, and that for x4 we can double and double again. The children have been so proud seeing their scores improve each week, and it has been great for them to be able to share this with parents too. 


In maths, the class have been working hard on their multiplication and division facts: learning and performing a rap, remembering funny rhymes and making up stories to help remember tricky facts. Learn with Emile is great for encouraging the children to practise their tables at home – well done to those who are regularly logging on and stacking up more and more tokens and coins for their Emile.

The children have been busy with retrieval practice through activities such as Flashback 4, shape of the week and other morning maths activities. They have also been learning about fractions, perimeter and length. I have been so impressed to see the children drawing pictures, using apparatus, and being resourceful when faced with a challenge. It is wonderful to see the children’s confidence and self-esteem improve as the year progresses. Well done mathematicians, I am very proud of you all! 
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In PE the class have been working on the gym equipment, developing their skills, core muscles and stamina, as well as working together to plan and perform sequences on the gym equipment. 



This term Years 4 and 5 are further developing their understanding of how to read music and are enjoying playing tuned instruments together. They are getting really good!

All the children in Year 4 have now had a full term of violin lessons with Miss Hill, our violin teacher. The children have loved learning a new instrument and applying their knowledge of pitch, tempo and timing. Miss Hill is very pleased with their effort and progress: well done everyone!

To join Group 2 for their performance at the end of this week’s lesson, click on the thumbnail below:


This term Year 4 took their history learning outdoors. The children started off by thinking about where the Vikings came from and looking at all the places in the world that they visited.

The children were given a map to follow, to find a special item. They worked together to follow the map and found something wrapped up and caught high up in one of the trees. Utilising their great problem solving skills the children managed to get the parcel down. Once unwrapped the class realised that they had found a Viking shield. They talked with Mrs Andrews about how Viking shields were made and what they were used for, before enjoying some well earned free time where they build shelters and climbed trees.


Bishops Wood

On Wednesday Year 4 visited Bishop’s Wood Environmental Centre for a Viking day. On arrival they were met by Gegor, their Viking leader. He convened a meeting at the village longhouse and proposed a raid on England, which the children were definitely up for. 

After rowing and sailing across the North Sea, in record time, we arrived in Mercia we found a rich and plentiful place; somewhere that we all agreed would be a good place to settle. There was good farming land, bee hives that would mean we could sweeten and preserve our food as well as make mead, and an abandoned Anglo Saxon dwelling that was sturdy and comfortable.

Once settled Gregor taught us how to carry out important tasks that we would need to carry out and we set to making clay pots, spinning wool and working in the blacksmiths, making copper broaches. 

After work, there was time to play Kingy Bats, great fun, but also very useful in strengthening our arms ready for battle. 

A picnic lunch set everyone up for an afternoon of setting up an encampment, where we made shelters, and learnt how to make fire.