“Spring…is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”

                                                                             Frances Hodgson Burnet




This term’s class text was The Monster Slayer, written by Brian Patten.  This is a retelling of a the mythical tale, Beowulf, linked to our history topic on the Anglo-Saxons.  We were captivated by the story and enjoyed bringing the main character, Grendel, to life using drama, hot seating and through role on the wall activities.  




We have been enthusiastic learners in our new topic on humans and have learnt all about the digestive system including the different parts and their functions.  One of our favourite lesson were recreating a model of how this system works!  Click the link below to find out what we did and what happened…

Year 4 Science: The Digestive System



Collective Worship

Some of the children prepared and led some wonderful collective worships for the class.  They thought about the virtues ‘intentional and prophetic’ and everyone has been grateful for the time they have taken with helping us build our relationship with God, through prayer.




We continued to take care of our mental well-being and enjoy taking part in daily activities to give ourselves time to talk, listen and be kind to ourselves.  We loved joining the Super Mood Movers to get our bodies moving whilst singing to the well-being songs!





We have learnt about the next period of time in Great Briatin after the Romans invaded, which we learnt about in Year 3.  The Anglo-Saxons have inspired us to be historians and we all thought about questions we could ask to find out more about this era.  Our class enquiry question was: 

What was Anglo-Saxon life and culture like?

Year 4 took their History learning out into the Forest School area. They had learnt about how the Anglo Saxons constructed their houses, and laid out their settlements, including watching a YouTube video on how to make wattle and daub. Armed with all of this information the children had a go at applying their knowledge to building models of Anglo Saxon buildings, or settlements, using the techniques that would have been used at the time. They found that it was much more difficult than it looked, even when building a small version! 



Geography: Rivers

The children in Year 4 have been learning about rivers in their Geography lessons. As part of this learning they took part in a fieldwork visit to the River Avon, where they applied the map skills they had been learning about in previous lessons, to follow and explain the route they took from school and then to the river by the Wetlands area.  They identified different features of the river that they had learnt about, particularly focusing on the meander in the river-making a sketch of this and labelling it.  When they returned to school, the children used Google Earth to find out more about the geography of the River Avon following the course it takes from the source to the mouth.



Music: Violin

All the children in Year 4 have now had a full term of violin lessons with Miss Hill, our violin teacher. The children have loved learning a new instrument and applying their knowledge of pitch, tempo and timing. Miss Hill is very pleased with their effort and progress: well done everyone!

To join Group 2 for their performance at the end of this week’s lesson, click on the thumbnail below:


Science Enrichment Afternoon

As part of their science topic on States of Matter, Year 4 explored solids, liquids and gases during a enrichment visit from STEM teacher, Sarah Lalor. They worked collaboratively to measure out and mix PVA glue, bicarbonate of soda and eye care solution. When mixed together these ingredients combined to make slime! The children discovered that this slime was very elastic. Through a process of enquiry the children added more of some of the ingredients to see what difference this made to the elasticity of the slime. When tested Anthony and Reuben made the stretchiest slime, measuring nearly 35m before breaking.

The session formed part of the Crest award that the children are working towards by completing eight challenges, which are available to download from the Crest resource library. All of this was made possible by the Crest grant that the PTA applied for on the school’s behalf. Thank you to Crest and to the PTA.

They learnt that they had all made a non-Newtonian fluid-a fluid that doesn’t follow Newton’s Law of Viscosity!


Pioneer Centre

What a fantastic time Year 4 have had at the Pioneer Centre! The weather was mixed, and at times blustery and showery, but no one’s spirits were dampened. The children amazed their teachers by how resilient and determined they were when faced with some very challenging activities: climbing, abseiling, zip wire, Bounce Challenge course, high ropes, low ropes, obstacle course, archery and fencing. All of the children were so supportive of each other, and encouraging when one of them was finding an activity a challenge and staff were so proud of them.