Year 4 Science Enrichment Afternoon

As part of their science topic on States of Matter, Year 4 explored solids, liquids and gases during a enrichment visit from STEM teacher, Sarah Lalor. They worked collaboratively to measure out and mix PVA glue, bicarbonate of soda and eye care solution. When mixed together these ingredients combined to make slime! The children discovered that this slime was very elastic. Through a process of enquiry the children added more of some of the ingredients to see what difference this made to the elasticity of the slime. When tested Anthony and Reuben made the stretchiest slime, measuring nearly 35m before breaking.

The session formed part of the Crest award that the children are working towards by completing eight challenges, which are available to download from the Crest resource library. All of this was made possible by the Crest grant that the PTA applied for on the school’s behalf. Thank you to Crest and to the PTA.

They learnt that they had all made a non-Newtonian fluid-a fluid that doesn’t follow Newton’s Law of Viscosity!

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