Year 4 Pioneer Centre Residential 12th to 14th February 2020 

Year 4 had an AMAZING few days at the Pioneer Centre with Mr Hall, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Simmonds. 

When they arrived at the centre they met their awesome group leaders:  Dave, Finn and Sophie who told them which dormitories they would be sleeping in and helped them to make their beds.  Then it was time for lunch and activities.   

Even though the children were in three different groups, they all did the same activities, which challenged each of them in very different ways:  caving, challenge course, climbing wall, high ropes (which included the infamous leap of faith), archery, aerial trek and abseiling and zip wire.   

On the first evening, there was a campfire with the group leaders – as well as singing, they discovered that Mr Hall can eat a banana really quickly!  On the second evening they played night games. 

The group leaders and teachers were really impressed with, and proud of, each and every child, because everyone was nervous about something and everyone overcame their fears by having a go at everything. 

As well as the exciting activities, the children learnt a lot about thenselves, discovering that they are all different but when they support each other they can achieve incredible things.   

Everyone had a great time and came home very much looking forward to seeing their families to tell them all about it, and to getting in their own beds for a good night’s sleep! 

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