Year 4 History: Viking Traders

Year 4’s new history topic is Vikings. In their first lesson they found out about key events in the history of the Vikings and their relationship with Britain and ordered them on a timeline, before looking at how the Vikings’ timeline fitted into a world history timeline. One of the interesting things they discovered was that, as well as being raiders, the Vikings were also very successful traders, trading in many parts of the northern hemisphere.

In their next lesson they became traders themselves. Some of them were Viking traders and others were traders from key Viking trading routes and hubs. Each group was given a list of the goods that they would have had available to sell and trade and were given time to draw their goods and set up their stalls. Each group was also given gold and silver coins to start them off and a list of essential items that they needed to acquire by the end of the trading session. They then used maps to identify where they needed to travel and how they could get there. After that there was a furious half hour of travel, bartering and haggling. With countries as far afield as Iceland and Constantinople, as well as centres of trade closer to home, such as Ireland, and goods ranging from essential basics such as wool, pottery, knives and fish, up to exotic items such as glass, silk and spices, the children had plenty to choose from.

Well done Year 4; you were all excellent traders!

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