Year 4 Class Assembly: Moses

In Re this half term Year 4 have been furthering their learning about the Old Testament; in particular the story of Moses. This was the focus of their class assembly this week, which they performed for the rest of the school and for their parents and families. 

The children shared their understanding of how different stories in the Old Testament told of people who God had called to do important jobs. They told the story of Moses’ birth, up to the freeing of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, in drama, poem and song, before sharing what they each felt that God was calling them to do/be, such as loving, caring, look after the poor, plant trees, be compassionate to the world, brave, have self belief.

It was a lovely assembly, enjoyed by everyone who was there and most importantly gave a really important message, that God is calling all of us and that He will be with us when we find our calling difficult, just as He helped Moses.

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