“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

 L. M. Montgomery


Year 4 have settled in really well and have been working incredibly hard this term. They had a most shocking incident at the start of term! They returned from assembly to find that their chairs were missing! The children were perplexed and had many questions. After hunting for clues, the children found a letter from the class chairs saying that they had QUIT! The children wrote letters convincing the chairs to return, promising they would not be mistreated again. 

Continuing to take inspiration from this book, the children drew story maps and performed some parts of the story. They spent some time looking at negative emotions and how to describe how the crayons might be feeling using ambitious vocabulary. 

The children also enjoyed the class book corner and going to the library. The digital QR code library in class has been an immediate hit! 

This term, Year 4 have also been enjoying regular visits to the library. They have learnt to use the self-service scanners to check books out and return them, and also to be responsible for returning the book by it’s due date. It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm for reading developing even more and to see the children become more confident with how to use this service! Please remember to pop down and register your child for a free library card if they don’t already have one as we do try and take the children to the library as often as we can. 



The term started with a unit on number and place value. The children have learnt how to flexibly partition four-digit numbers, how to find midpoints on a number line and identify which 3 and 4-digit numbers have been presented on a number line. They used Base 10 to support them when finding 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more and less than a number too. What super mathematicians Year 4 are! 



The class read ‘Ruby’s Worry’ and ‘Our Class is a Family’, discussing what they can do this year to make sure their class community one that is positive and supportive. The children thought about the feeling of worry; what it feels like and how a person might look if they have those feelings. They discussed how in the story of Ruby’s Worry, she felt better for talking about her feelings with someone she trusted and our Calm Space and worry box was introduced to the children. The children have also started to use the ‘self check-in’ drawers as a means for communicating their feelings during the day. 

The children also started to think about democracy and each person’s voice being important and valued. The ‘Book Vote’ space was introduced and children have enjoyed using their token to decide on each day’s story. Favourite books so far have been: The First Hippo on the Moon and Boogie Bear – both by David Walliams. Everyone enjoyed having a good old giggle whilst reading these! 



In Geography the children began the term with their ‘Local Area’ unit, looking at what Pershore is like, the amenities it has to offer and what it is like to live here. They looked at maps, both printed and on iPads, and used a Google Maps key to help us identify landmarks. 

The children continued with their local geography topic by using and applying their research and personal, local knowledge, to plan, design and make leaflets of Pershore, detailing the key human and physical features. 


Design Technology

Year 4 have really enjoyed this half term’s DT topic. Last week they finished their bags and put the finishing touches to their decorations, before evaluating their bags against their design criteria. The children had been randomly allocated the type of bag they needed to design, and who their intended audience was, and the range and quality of the bags they produced was amazing. Take a look!


The children’s learning in Geography provided them with inspiration for their art, where they have developing their ability to draw 3-D objects and draw using perspective. They applied this learning to investigating the art of local artist Gilly Oxlade-Arnott, and had a go at drawing some local buildings, using Gilly’s style as inspiration.



Science: Sound

As part of their science lessons, learning about sound, Year 4 were tasked with being acoustic engineers! They had already explored a range of instruments and found out that sound is created by vibrations. They were given a range of materials and asked to investigate which design made the best string telephone. 

The engineers worked together in small groups to make and test a range of telephones, modifying their designs as they learnt which type of string carried the sound best, which material and size of cup amplified it best, before finally applying what they had learnt to designing the best string telephone. 

As an extra challenge the engineers investigated whether it was possible to add an additional telephone line to the original one, and listen in. They were amazed and excited to find that it was possible!


In computing this term Year 4 learnt about the internet, how emails work, how to identify which emails may not be safe, or genuine and about websites (features of websites, how to spot a genuine/reliable one, and how to create and add content to a webpage).

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This half term Year 4 are learning about Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons: their society, art & culture, lives of children and religion. As a way of bringing the religious practices of the period to life, they visited Pershore Abbey, to learn about the Abbey and the lives of the monks who lived there during this historical period. The children had a fantastic afternoon and learnt so much. They especially enjoyed acting the role of a monk and sharing a typical, silent meal together. Thank you to Pershore Abbey for a wonderful immersive learning experience.


This term the children in Year 4 have enjoyed a wide variety of PE opportunities: gymnastics, invasion games, team building/orienteering and swimming. They have really developed their skills, tactics, control and stamina.



In their music lesson, with Mr Lister, they developed their skills and understanding of how to play tuned instruments, and starting to learn how to read musical scores, including notes and timing.


Outdoor Learning Session

In September, Year 4 took their local geography topic learning out into the Forest School area. They have been learning about Pershore and its buildings. In art they have been exploring the work of local artist Jilly Oxlade Arnott; known for her architectural paintings of Pershore and the surrounding area, and Mrs Andrews built on this with the children, by asking them to look at how Jilly uses line, structure and shape in her paintings of Worcestershire landmark buildings and bridges, and create 3-D models of them, using natural objects that they could find. The children worked in groups and produced some lovely interpretations. Well done Year 4!