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Take a look below at some of the Take One Picture work that last year’s Year Three completed:

This half term, the whole school have been using the picture, Penelope with the Suitors by Pintoricchio, to create a variety of cross curricular work.

In Year Three we began by looking at three parts of the picture and tried to imagine what we thought was hidden. Take a look at some of our ideas here:

We then focussed on the tiles, covering the floor of the room and discussed how we could re-create these ourselves. We have used sculpture (clay and wire frame), computer coding and textiles. Scroll down to see how we have got on.

We decided to re-create our tiles from clay and began by making a prototype in playdough and then drawing out our design.

We learnt how to wedge clay, to remove air bubbles, and roll clay using wooded batons, so that it did not get too thin. We then used our designs to put our pattern onto the tile.

We also looked at wire frame sculptures, based on the artist Alexander Calder and used film and tissue paper to create a mobile-type tile.

We learnt how to write algorithms (sets of instructions) to create square and rectangular shapes in J2E Logo. After this we used the programme to create a pattern, which we then printed and coloured in the style of Piet Mondrian. We used oil pastels for our colouring.


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