Books and summertime go together.”

Lisa Schroede

Welcome to Year Three for the Summer Term!!  Our first topic was ‘Roman Invasion’.  …


Year 3 visited Chedworth Roman Villa, as part of their learning in History. 

During their workshop, the guide showed them the underfloor heating system and the bath house, both powered in the same way by a furnace. The children were amazed to hear that how clever the Romans were and that even 2,000 years ago they had underfloor heating! The children were fascinated by the pillar system that held up the floor and allowed hot air to move between the pillars and heat up the rooms/water above.

The guide explained to them about Roman toileting, which caused some consternation, as they found out that toilets were communal and shared by everyone. They were also very astonished to hear that there was no toilet paper, just a sponge on a stick, that would be shared…

They also investigated the mosaics in the building and were very impressed that they were still there. They asked their guide some very searching questions! Afterwards they got to make their own mosaics, which they thoroughly enjoyed. 


As part of their computing unit on animation, Year 3 had a go at some stop frame animation using the Stop Motion app on the ipads. They used whiteboards to draw stick figures and then took a series of photographs with one of the stick figure’s arms rubbed out and redrawn. When the images were then played one after the other in a loop, the stick figures came to life and waved! This has built on previous learning, using a flick book and the children will now progress on to creating stop frame animations of their own stories.

Music: The Big Sing

Year 3 took part in the the Big Sing, organised by Severn Arts and the University of Worcester, which took place at University of Worcester Arena on Thursday 16 June 2022.

The Big Sing is an interactive performance where key stage 2 pupils gather from across Worcestershire to sing prepared pieces as part of a huge singing workshop. It is an exciting and motivational opportunity for children and teachers alike to be part of a large-scale musical experience, led by world renowned singing leaders Ula Weber and Suzzie Vango, accompanied by a live band.

The theme for this year’s event was ‘Around the World’. Each song had been carefully chosen and was used to improve vocal technique as well as providing an opportunity for links to the National Curriculum.

Children and staff had a wonderful time and learnt lots! Thank you Mr Lister for booking this and for teaching the children all of the songs in their music lessons.