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Welcome back for the Summer Term! We hope that you had a relaxing and peaceful Easter holiday and are feeling refreshed. The first half of the Summer term is very short, but very busy and we have already made a great start with our Literacy work on myths and our history topic on The Romans (please see links and information below).
As part of our topic on “The Romans” we visited Chedworth Roman Villa on Friday 10th May. Click on our link towards the bottom of this page to find out more about what we got up to when we were there.  We also held a Romans’ Exhibition in our classroom on Friday 24th May and you can see pictures from the event on our Romans page, along with other exciting things we learnt in class.
SPORTING Festival at Blessed Edward college
On Thursday 6th June we went along to Blessed Edward college to take part in a Kwik Cricket, Rounders and Athletics festival. We split into three teams to take part in the events with other Catholic schools and has a great day. Take a look at some photos of us below:

We all tried our best and ended up being the winning school!!  Thank you Mrs Annis for being such a great P.E. teacher!!  Also a big thank you to Miss Barrett, Mr Williams and the young leaders from Blessed Edward, who helped and encouraged us throughout the day.
At the end of the Spring term and the first half of the Summer Term, Year Three have been reading Greek myths and working on descriptions of characters from some of these. Take a look at some of the writing about the Gorgon, Medusa:

Medusa had scaly skin and grey teeth. The beast had a snake coming out her mouth. Medusa had a wart on her pointy nose. She was awful and her eyes were like fire.
By Charlie
Medusa was a deadly monster. She was a gorgon and instead of hair she had snakes everywhere around her head. She had green skin. Medusa was horrifying and when you look at her you would turn to stone. She made screaming noises and she had sharp teeth.
By Olaf
Medusa was a hideous monster. She had green snakes coming out of her skull. The green snakes hissed loudly and she had eyes like fire. Instead of a tongue she had a snake and if she looked at you, you would instantly turn to stone. The creature had teeth as sharp as a knife and she had green, slimy skin. Her nose was pointy and had a wart on it.
By Jeremy
We have also begun our history topic on the Romans. We will be finding out about some of the things the Romans invented and how these influenced the lives of people in Britain. For more information on our topic, click on the link below:

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