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Grow in Faith and Love

“…all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”

                                                                             William Wordsworth

LITERACY Spring Term

During the first half term, Year Three have been learning about writing kennings and play scripts. They have taken part in role plays and created storyboards, which they have turned into play scripts about good or bad choices.

On Monday 24th February, Year Three received a mysterious chest in their classroom. They worked as great detectives to discover that the chest and its’ contents had been sent by the wizard, Leitmeritz.

They were then introduced to the wizard, himself, and have written character descriptions about him. Take a look at his picture and some of the descriptions here:

Leitmeritz was a sensible and intelligent wizard, who had a white, thick, wiry beard that dangled to his feet. He wore a tattered, patched up cloak and he had bulging eyes that peered through his tiny spectacles. He wore a large hat covered in stars and at the top he had a serpent with googly eyes with poisoned fangs. Everyday he would concoct potions from his crimson spell book that held enchantment and magic in its creased pages. His hands were bright orange and his nose looked like a carrot and his face looked like a dark, yellow cheese-grater. (by our “Writer of the Week” Ranjodh) 

Leitmeritz was a respectful and sensible wizard, who had a ragged, ripped gown, which had lots of holes. Leitmeritz had a beard. His beard was white and wiry and it was that long that it touched his toes. He had lots of pink potions and green and even purple. Leitmeritz had a red, enchanted spell book, which he got from his father. That book was ancient. Everyday he spent all his time studying and combining potions. He was always careful never to let anyone touch his magnificent possessions. (by Dixie)

Leitmeritz was an intelligent wizard, who thought deeply about magic. He had a long, feather-like beard, which stretched right down to his sparkling, black shoes. Nobody could touch his beautiful, precious objects – even his assistant! He wore a ripped purple hat. It was decorated with stars and had an enormous snake on top. Leitmeritz also wore white and black striped socks and an old, tattered cloak. He spent most of his time stirring potions and examines the Red Book of Spells and as his tiny, orange hands opened the book on the torn pages were the secrets of the world. (by Billy)

WORLD BOOK DAY 5th March 2020

Take a look at some of our brilliant outfits from World Book Day:

SCIENCE Spring Term

In Science, Year Three have been studying magnets and how these work. They have investigated how the poles of magnets repel and attract each other and sorted materials which are attracted to magnets.

The children have also investigated how magnetic forces can work to move objects without touching them. Take a look at some of the posters they created based upon their investigations:

The Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Year Three have studied this pre- history topic for the first half term and have concentrated on looking at changes that happened between the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Take a look at some of their work below:

The also completed line drawings of Stone Age animals and silhouette pictures of Stone Henge, using shading and colour mixing techniques. Take a look at some of their work here:

Before half term, the children visited in the Iron Age hill fort at the top of Bredon Hill. We were accompanied by archaeologist, Nina O’Hare, who led us in different activities and taught us about what life in the hill fort would have been like.