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During the second half term, we have been learning about VOLCANOES and EARTHQUAKES in our topic lessons. Click on the link here to look at some of the things we have been doing:

DANCE Festival 9th April 2019
On Tuesday 9th April Year Three took part in a dance festival at Worcester Arena, along with two other schools. Dance teacher, Bethan, had taught the class a dance over the last four weeks and they were able to perform this in front of the other schools at the arena. Even though the children were a bit nervous, they also felt excited about being able to show off their newly learnt skills to the other schools.
Take a look at some of the photographs from the afternoon and a short video clip of part of the dance:

Towards the end of the first half term we received a wooden chest, containing potions, magical ingredients, a spell book and a letter. The letter explained that we had been sent the opening page to a book. Having read the author’s opening and looked at the illustrator’s picture, we had a go at writing our own opening to the story:

The rocky castle was big and hard to reach. The journey was difficult, it felt like it would never end. And the mountain was steep and uneven, it was like a zig-zag. The steps were wobbly like a spring and the path was long. Only the bravest person would climb this mountain because their wish could come true.
By Jessie, our “Writer of the Week”
The wobbly, slippery steps led to an enchanted castle. The wet, narrow steps were winding up the steep mountain. The journey was long and risky to get to the wizard’s castle. A daring, fearless person would go but their reward is their dream come true.
By Levi
The steps were slippery and wobbly. The path was rocky, twisting up a scary mountain. The mountain was steep and craggy. The journey was dangerous and tiring. Only the bravest people will go on this journey because the wizard will make your best dream come true.
By Tyler
The wobbly, slippery steps led up to the spooky castle. The mountain was steep and tall. The path was never-ending and zig-zagged. The journey was long and tiring. A brave person would go up to the wizard’s castle because they would get their wish.
By Sophia
We were delighted when we received another letter from the owner of the wooden chest, Leitmeritz. He explained that he was the wizard who lived in the castle at the top of the mountain. He asked us to write a description of him, by looking carefully at his picture and reading the next page of his book. Take a look at our ideas here:
Leitmeritz was a careful wizard. Leitmeritz had a silvery beard that touched his tippy toes. He had a long nose that looked like a carrot nose. Leitmeritz always makes potions. Leitmeritz looks like an old wizard. Leitmeritz is always looking at his sparkly book.
By Charlie, our “Writer of the Week”
Leitmeritz was an intelligent wizard, who had circular spectacles perched on top of his orange, pointy nose. Behind his spectacles were eyes like ping-pong balls. He had a ragged, patched cloak draped around him. His long, silvery beard was flowing down his cloak to his stripy green socks. He spent all day creating and jotting down new improved potions. He also spent all his day concocting frothy, multi-coloured potions.
By Madeleine
Leitmeritz was a dependable wizard who had a long, wispy beard that reached his laced, ebony high heels.  He had poppy-out eyeballs like ping-pong balls sitting under his full moon shaped spectacles that rested on his long, bumpy carrot nose. He spent all of his time reading a dusty, red spell book and concocting frothy and rainbow coloured potions that never go wrong.
By Isabella
Leitmeritz was an intelligent wizard who had nearly popped out eyes. He spent all his time creating magical potions and reading books. He had a pointy carrot nose and a glittery hat with a snake on the top of it. He also had a long, white beard nearly touching his patched shoes. He was clever and wise.
By Jeremy
After half term, Leitmeritz magically appeared on our board to tell us where we could find his assistant, Chancery.  We read pages about Chancery and took a look at him to write these character descriptions:

Chancery was a downhearted blue man who everyone called the Ugly. Chancery had nails like eagle’s claws and messy, red hair like a bird’s nest. He always went down to the village and everyone laughed at him just because he had uneven eyes and teeth and a hairy wart on the end of his chin. He plodded back to the castle and asked Leitmeritz if he could change him to be a normal person and he said no. Chancery was still upset.
By Kia
Chancery was a forlorn turquoise man with googly, uneven eyes and frizzy auburn hair like a bird’s nest. Chancery spent his time cleaning the castle, collecting ingredients for Leitmeritz’s potions and stumbling clumsily down the seventeen thousand, two hundred and nine steps to get to the village. Nobody in the village knew his name so they called him The Ugly. He was so enormous that he had ripped the edges of his patchwork clothes! When he went back up the steps it was even harder carrying all the supplies. Chancery had asked Leitmeritz for help many times but the answer was no. “Will you help me?” Chancery said in a deep voice. “No” replied Leitmeritz and Chancery remained forlorn.
By Isabella
Chancery was a miserable blue man. Chancery wore old patched clothes and he was as large as an elephant. Chancery spent all his time collecting supplies. Chancery had round eyes, his hair was like a bird’s nest and his bottom was as huge as an elephant’s body. Chancery spent all of his time cleaning. When he went to the village the people there called his The Ugly. Chancery asked Leitmeritz for help because for years Leitmeritz had helped lots of folk but Leitmeritz said no to him. However Chancery was still sad because he was still ashamed of his looks.
By Maegan
We found out that when Leitmeritz leaves the castle one day, Chancery gets his hand on the wizard’s spell book. Unfortunately, it falls apart and Chancery hurries to put it back together before the wizard returns. This has disastrous results and the wizard’s spells begin to go wrong.  Keep an eye out here for our versions of what happens when a dragon comes to ask the wizard for help:

In the first half term we learnt about 2D and 3D shapes.  We created some 3D shapes of our own by looking carefully at the faces and cutting these shapes from paper. Take a look at some of the different shapes we have made:

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY – Making a Monstrance
This half term we will be looking at making a Monstrance.  This is the vessel used in the Catholic church to hold the Blessed Sacrament (bread). The Monstrance is displayed on the altar so that the congregation can worship the Lord and show their love and respect for Jesus. It is usually made from gold or silver.
Take a look at us using joining techniques to create a prototype of the Monstrance:

We have created images of a Monstrance using pastels:

We planned our own design for a Monstrance and have used these to join the parts and decorate them.

And now take a look at some of our completed Monstrances:

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