This half term we have been focusing on The Liturgy of the Word and how important it is to listen to God, not just hear him.

After learning about it in Class, Year 3 went to the Church to consolidate their knowledge on The Sacrament of the Eucharist. We recapped the first part of Mass, The Introductory Rights. The children then got a chance to read from the Old Testament (The first reading) and ask lots of questions. They then each got to read from the pulpit and participate in some of the response and calls that happen during Mass.

The children also had great fun recapping all the stories they had learnt from the Old and New Testament, noticing aspects such as what book or gospel it was from. 


During the Autumn Term we learnt about the seven sacraments, and focused on Reconciliation. We visited the church and Deacon Pat taught about this special sacrament and how it is important to say sorry to God, and He will forgive us. We also learnt the stories of Zacchaeus and The Prodigal Son and the message of forgiveness that runs through them. We made a Puppet Pals animation of the Prodigal Son, and learnt a song about Zacchaeus-both of which we shared with our families and the rest of the school!  Click on the picture below open the link to watch the video:





Our Advent journey has begun…


We have began preparing our hearts during this special time of Advent. We thought about how we prepare at home, in church and in our classroom. Our altar has had a change of colour and we collectively chose what we wanted placed here. Our prayer leaders take extra care of this daily and will be helping Mrs Brennan to prepare and lead our collective worships in class.

We listened to the story of the Annunciation, a very special moment when Mary received the message from the Angel Gabriel that she was going to have baby Jesus. We created some Puppet Pals animations to retell the story and thought about how Mary might have felt. Click on the picture to watch the animations:

We learnt a new song linked with this story called ‘I Wanna Say Yes!’  Have a listen below…

We joined in with a Advent Retreat with Dan and Emily, from One Life Music. This was an online preparation time mostly through music which the class embraced and enjoyed participating in. We will continue to use these songs during our own class prayer times too.

We reflected on preparing our hearts as we get closer to Christmas and wrote prayers about this.