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RE Autumn Term

BELONGING: We Gather as God’s family

During the First half term, we thought about the first part of the Mass and gathering as God’s family. As part of this we made a book:

We learnt about different groups that we belong too, how we join God’s family when we are baptised and what some of the signs and symbols of Baptism are.

Take a look at some pictures from our class Baptism with David Patrick:

We have made posters and booklets about the signs and symbols of Baptism.

We Listen to God’s Word at Mass

Year Three looked at the structure of the Liturgy of the Word and performed an assembly based upon the first two parts of the Mass. 

In class, we studied a range of Old and New Testament stories and created images to illustrate Psalm 23:

We also made Puppet Pals films about crossing our head, lips and heart when we greet the Gospel. 


During the second half term, we looked at different styles of prayer and sorted these into groups. We visited the church to find places that would help us to pray and created booklets and posters about these.

We have written our own prayers and illustrated our own special places for prayer. 



During Advent we studied the stories of the Annunciation and the Visitation. We also thought about Mary and wrote character descriptions about her. Read some of these here:

Mary Descriptions

RE Spring Term


At the beginning of the Spring term we have been thinking about the Good News of Jesus’ birth brought to the shepherds. We have written descriptions of the manger scene and illustrated these (insert descriptions / photos here).

We created our own 3D manger scenes for a homework project. Take a look at some of these here:

We have also written prayers about being a Child of God. Read some of these here:

New Born King,

Born in a peaceful stable under a shining star,

You were sent by God to bring peace and joy into the world,

I can be a child of God by playing with people that are lonely on the playground and by giving money to the poor.


By Jacob P



Born in Bethlehem under a shining star, laid in a manger.

God sent you to take away our sins.

I can be a child of God by being kind to people.

I can be a child of God by being helpful.


By Kaya


Holy Child of Bethlehem,

You were born in a stable under a sparkling star,

You were sent by God to bring love when there is hatred,

I could be a child of God by helping people when they are lonely and I could bring love to them.

I could be a child of God by helping people when they fall over.


By Hugo


We performed our assembly to the whole school and our families. Take a look at some of the photos here:


For our R.E. topic on Reconciliation, we sorted choices into those that were good or bad.

We then studied the parable of the Prodigal Son and found out that Jesus told this parable to teach his disciples about God’s forgiveness.

We thought about the tax collector Zacchaeus and how he changed following a visit by Jesus. Take a look at our ideas here:

LENT 2020

We have thought about how we have changed since being in Year Three and written our Lenten promises. Take a look at some of these here: