Year 3: Chedworth Villa Visit

As part of their learning in History,  Year 3 visited Chedworth Roman Villa this week.  

During their workshop, the guide showed them the hypocaust (underfloor heating system) and the bath house, both powered by a furnace. The children were amazed to hear how clever the Romans were and that even 2,000 years ago they had underfloor heating! The children were amazed by the pillar system that held up the floor and allowed hot air to move between the pillars and heat up the rooms/water above.  

The guide explained to them about the Roman toilets; they found out that toilets were communal and shared by everyone. They were also very shocked to hear that there was no toilet paper! There was just a sponge on a stick that would be shared.

They then looked at the mosaics in the building and were very impressed that they were still there. Afterwards they got to make their own mosaics, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  

What a great way to bring ancient history to life. Thank you to Mrs Brennan for organising the trip, and to the staff at Chedworth Villa for such a fantastic learning experience.

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