Year 3: Bredon Hill History Visit

As part of their History topic Stone Age to Iron Age, the children climbed Bredon Hill to meet with the Local Authority archaeologist, who talked to them about the iron age hill fort. She brought the past to life for them and explained that, what initially looked like just part of the summit, is actually what is left of an Iron Age hillfort that dates back to well before the 1st century A.D.  It appears that it was also the site of a great battle after which it was abandoned.  In 2011 the largest hoard of roman silver coins ever found in Worcestershire was discovered near to the Hillfort!

The children made a visual timeline to represent events in history, from present day back to the Iron Age. They also learnt about how the Iron Age people lived together, protected themselves from invasions and used animals for food and clothing. The children had a great time and did a brilliant job walking to the top of Bredon Hill and back.  

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