“Autumn that year painted the countryside in vivid shades of scarlet, saffron and russet, and the days were clear and crisp under harvest skies.”

                                                                            Sharon Kay Penman


Year Three read some Greek myths…

They learnt about the mythical monster Medusa, in the tale of Perseus. The children used her picture to create word banks, edit and improve descriptive phrases about the her and, finally, to write a character description of her to “paint a picture” for their reader.

Take a look at some of their creative work here:

“Medusa had a hissing, orange snake for a tongue and her mass of snake hair kept thrashing around.” (Billy)

“The mighty Medusa had fiery, bulging eyes glinting with anger. If you had one glimpse of her eyes, you’d immediately turn to stone.” (Dara)

“The unbearable Medusa had a hissing, orange snaky tongue and a tangle of knotty snakes for hair.” (Lucy)

Medusa character descriptions:

“Medusa was an ugly, evil monster with the sharpest of teeth you ever saw. If you ever came across her and look in her orange eyes you would turn to stone immediately. The monster had fiery, bulging eyes with a glint of anger. Her hair was a knotty, tangly mess of snakes and dirt. The gorgon had long, rotten teeth, which were smelly.” (Sophie)

“Medusa was a horrifying gorgon with snakes for hair. Her eyes were so terrifying that when you looked at them you would turn to stone. She had a green nose with a small, scary wart on the tip. She had long, hissing, green and red snakes for hair. They were very venomous. Her horrifying face was as green as grass. Her voice was so shrieky it echoed in the cave. Her tongue was a long, orange snake which was slithering around.” (Stella)

“Medusa was a ferocious gorgon. She had an ugly, green face. The monster had deadly, staring eyes. The hideous gorgon had lava orange eyes. The terrifying creature had orange and green snake hair that hissed. The terrible monster’s fiery eyes turned people to stone.” (Jacob P)

We then went on to study the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

We wrote instructions to help someone get into the labyrinth, defeat the Minotaur and then escape. We also wrote some fabulous descriptions of the Minotaur.



Our geography topic this Autumn has been Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

We have studied the layers of the Earth, looked at patterns of the locations of Volcanoes and found out how volcanoes form.

As well as this, we have used volcanoes as inspiration in some of our art work. We looked at Nick Rowland’s painting of a volcano and practised techniques so that we could re-produce our own versions of his painting.

Take a look at our brilliant creations here:


CHRISTMAS Tree project

We worked hard to create panels to build a unique Christmas tree, for our whole school Festival of Trees.

We used weaving, as well as stained glass effect, based upon the work of artist: Alexander Calder. Take a look at our tree and panels here: