“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Year 3 have had a wonderful start to their new school year and are enjoying being back together.  Take a look below at what we have been learning about in our first term…


In our first half term we have been working on place value. We have learnt about 3 digit numbers going up to 1000 and improved our knowledge of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones by playing games such as: roll it, draw it!


Our class text this half term was ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. The children loved reading this book and its clever twist on a classic! The children interacted with this book in lots of different ways, eventually writing their own version, such as the three bunnies and the fox.



Our first unit of RE was spent looking at the sacraments. We started this off by learning the first sacrament, Baptism. The children were lucky to be able to visit the church, where Deacon Pat helped them to act out a baptism on one of the school dolls. The children took on all of the roles bringing their learning to life. We finished this off by creating a non-fiction book on Baptism for our class library!


Design Technology

The children worked with Mrs Breakwell to investigate bags and how they are constructed, in particular ‘bendy bags’ and their purpose. They then designed, made and evaluated their own bendy bags. Lots of great opportunities to develop their sewing and construction skills.



In  Geography we took a local focus, as part of building up the children’s knowledge and understanding of place, by starting with somewhere familiar to them. In early years the children start by thinking about the school and its site and this focus then widens out as they go up the school, with the children in Year 6 focussing their local study on Worcester.

Year 3 investigated Wyre Piddle, its location in relation to Pershore, and a comparison of its human and geographical features. A vital element of this learning was a field trip, to see what it is like to be in that place and to make observations of what they found there.



Outdoor Learning: Science

Year 3 took their science topic on magnetism outside. They used magnets to investigate different materials to find out which ones were magnetic. They recorded their findings as they went along and then shared their observations back in the classroom. Mrs Andrews asked them to talk about what items had surprised them in terms of what was, or wasn’t magnetic. The children had thought that all metal items would be magnetic and had discovered that this wasn’t the case, so went on to find out which metals are and aren’t magnetic. This will be really useful for their next science lesson!



Year 3 had a very enjoyable guest PE lesson with a visit from Miss Quinn, a dance teacher. The children played a variety of games and worked on a dance routine to the tune ‘Shot Gun’ Great fun was had by everyone!

The children also enjoyed developing their hockey skills (in lessons and at after school Hockey Club). A group of Year 3 and 4s took part in a tournament at De Montfort school. There were 6 different groups and both teams were undefeated, winning their groups. The children showed fantastic determination and teamwork and we were delighted with their performances. Time prevented semi finals and finals, so goals scored were then taken into account. We finished in 2nd and 4th place out of 36 teams. A fantastic result well done to everyone.

A team of ten boys from Year 3 and 4 attended Bowbrook school for a tag rugby fixture. Holy Redeemer won the match and had great fun putting the tag rugby skills, they have been learning in PE lessons, into a match. Thanks to Bowbrook for hosting the competition.

After half term the class further developed their gymnastics skills. Here they are focussing on different types of jumps, and landing. The class really enjoyed working on the apparatus,  to music. They were very enthusiastic about improving their jumps and sharing them with each other!