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The Stone Age to the Iron Age
During the second half of the Autumn term we learnt about The Stone Age to the Iron Age and how life in Britain changed during this time.  Click the image below to discover more about our learning.

WORLD WAR One Centenary Commemoration
During the Autumn term we studied the centenary of the end of World War One in our Topic lessons. We talked about why poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance and used a variety of art techniques to create poppies for our display.
We worked in groups of four to create water colour poppy pictures. We all had one piece from the picture, which we sketched then painted. Take a look at us working and the results here:

We also created wire sculpture poppies based on the work of artists, Alexander Calder and Georgia O’Keefe:

We have really challenged ourselves to create woven poppies. Take a look at some of the finished results below:

We made our own tissue paper poppies and wrote instructions on how to make these.

We created poems about poppies.

Blood red poppies can sway like dancing leaves on a tall tree.
And they can twitch side to side like crimson flames.
Ruby red poppies gently shake to the side in a green, grassy meadow.
And they can move like a butterfly in the grassy field.
By Lydia
One poppy, one soldier swaying in the wind.
Blood red poppies from Flanders fields remembering the soldiers.
Soft, delicate petals like the heart of soldiers fallen.
Crimson poppies waving goodbye to the people left in the world.
By Alex
Plum red poppies are rocking peacefully in the meadow full of flowers.
And they ripple gently like a strawberry red lake in a mysterious forest.
The graceful, red poppies are growing peacefully in the crisply, golden wheat field.
The blood red poppies are glowing brightly like a candle.
By Isabella
Blood red petals from a poppy can twitch like a rabbit’s nose in the golden corn of summer.
And they can dance like beautiful dancers among the fields of golden wheat.
Crimson poppies can light up like bright little lights on our warm, winter jumpers in November.
And they can talk quietly like long-lost voices from the fields of Flanders.
By Martha

Our work on World War One culminated with a performance alongside the rest of the school.  Year Three worked as a team to imagine the different sounds that would be heard in the battlefields and performed a sound poem. Take a look at some of the pictures from the whole school performance on 9th November 2018:

Take a look at the portraits that we have created using soft pencils.

Take a look at our display from “Move Up Afternoon” in July 2018:


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