“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

Charles Bowden


This term Year 2 learnt how to play Quidditch. It was a new game for us at Holy Redeemer, but the children picked up the rules really quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the session. Unfortunately there were no broomsticks and the game didn’t involved flying, but on the plus side there were no rogue bludgers to cause any trouble!

Thank you Miss Aumeer, for organising this additional PE experience for the children.





This term in PE it has also been athletics. The children have worked hard across the unit to learn and develop a range of track and field events, focussing especially on running and building up fitness and stamina. They finished off by taking part in a 6-minute run, to see how far, and how fast, they could run in that time. 


Science: Living Things and Their Habitats

This term, as part of our science topic, we researched water habitats (marine and freshwater) and used what we found out to make factsheets, posters and 3D models of the habitats including some of the plants and animals found in them.

We also looked at food chains within these, and other habitats and made paper chains of them, linking together predators and prey.


Pershore Abbey Art

We visited Pershore Abbey to develop our observation skills and sketching techniques.



Something went bump in the night…

Don’t worry, it was only those little monsters in Year 2.

Food chains and biodiversity

What fantastic work. I really like the bug hotel.


What a lovely, thoughtful prayer.

Next, Year 2 could not stop writing!

Even some marvellous maths appeared…

Then, the art attacked…

Authors and artists became story tellers…

Someone got off to a flying start!

Click the button below, to see a presentation on Amilia Earhart.

Reuben has been enjoying completing the tasks set on My Maths and has learnt to do something amazing too! Have a look at his one handed handstand. Very impressive!

Clara created a wonderful poster about pollution and emailed Mrs Barker to tell her more…

Hi Mrs Barker, 
Thank you for your email. 
I have loved making my plastic pollution poster today after watching the story. I glued on some plastic from our recycling bin and researched so I could include some facts too. I hope you like it. Norah made one too!
Love from Clara

Morgan has been a busy bee at home completing lots of the My Maths tasks- well done! She also shared her role on the wall activity and her information text about Grace Darling.

Imogen made made a great poster about pollution and shared instructions on how to make plastic yarn. Wonderful work!

Imogen also made her seaside resort brochure. She chose Blackpool for her beach destination and included facts and pictures too!

Sofia has been a super learner at home! She has been reading lots on the Scholastic reading portal and completing tasks on the My Maths portal too. She shared some wonderful writing, take a look…

Clara sent her performance of a poem she wrote by herself. Brilliant work!