“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

                                                 Rainer Maria Rilke

Wow! The Spring Term was a super quick term this year, but Year 2 have continued to be amazing and have achieved lots. They’ve been swimming every Friday, where Mrs Annis has been very impressed with their maturity and effort; they were fantastic in their assembly, which taught us all about forgiveness, during Lent; and we’ve joined in with all the great fundraising activities throughout the term. Very impressive Year 2! 

Here are some of our highlights: 


The class have been learning about coding. As part of this they had a visit from Sarah Lalor (STEMworks), who brought along some robots for the children to build. Afterwards they were able to put their coding skills to the test using laptops to write code to instruct the robots movements.



In their PE lessons this term the children have been learning about dance. They worked together to learn and develop dance skills and then applied them to a class dance called ‘In the Dark of the Night’, performed to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. At the end of the unit the class were lucky enough to be able to perform it in a dance showcase, at school, and also at a dance festival, as Prince Henry’s. It was great to be able to watch the dances that other schools had developed and talk about what they liked about them.



In science, we have been learning about the human body and keeping healthy. We compared our heart rate during different activities to work out which made our bodies, and especially our hearts, work harder. We also learnt that humans belong to the animal classification and thought about difference and similarities between animals and about animal life cycles. 


In RE, we have mostly been learning about Lent and about forgiveness. We learnt about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and visited the confessional in church where we practised being the Priest and the penitent. We also created our own Easter Cards during the last week of term, where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. 



In English, we wrote our own instructions on how to look after animals. We started by following instructions on how to make a newspaper plant pot! Although we found it tricky, we stuck with it and eventually we made pots and planted our own seeds.