Year 2 Reading Page


In Year 2 we LOVE to read!

At the beginning of the year we begin by sharing our favourite books, why we like them so much and why we would recommend them for others to read. We had a wide range of fiction and non-fiction favourites in year 2 and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing these during the first half term!



In Year 2 reading takes many forms.

We all take part in a daily reading session and throughout the week we will complete 5 different tasks to help us to become fluent, confident and competent readers who love to read.

One group will take part in a guided reading session with an adult. During this we have a specific focus to help us develop our reading skills.

Another group will also read to an adult, however this will be on a one-to-one basis reading and discussing our home readers.

Group 3 will enjoy free reading and continue to develop our love for reading, either books from our well-stocked class library or books linked to our topic, such as fiction and non-fiction books about polar regions.


The remaining two groups will work independently to carry out a range of activities, such as completing a role on the wall linked to our class book or guided reading group book; sequencing events from a book we have read; comprehension; being a reading detective to collect specific things, such as adjectives, adverbs or favourite words or phrases to ‘magpie’ for our own writing.

There is always a cheer and beaming smiles when Mrs Barker announces Guided Reading Time!

We use a ‘book as a hook’ to support our literacy lessons and many other curriculum areas. This means that our writing and other work is inspired by, and linked to, a specific book. So far this year we have used four ‘books as a hook.

We began the year using ‘Tell me a dragon’, followed by ‘Lost and Found’ when we learned about polar regions.

We have also used ‘Don’t Spill the Milk!’ as part of our topic ‘A world Away!’ with a focus on Africa and Little Red Riding Hood (with a twist!)


Reading forms an important part of every day in Year 2. Reading opens the door into all subjects- not just literacy. For example: recently we have read instructions to grow hydroponic plants in Science. In history we read clues to find out about different explorers. In RE we read the stories from the Bible and in Maths we use our reading skills to work out what we need to do to solve a word problem.


In Year 2 we are also very lucky to have a parishioner who comes into school once a week to hear us read.

It goes without saying we read every day in school but we also try to read every night at home. As a little incentive to keep up the great reading at home, we have a Reading Road/Safari by which Mrs Barker sets us the challenge of reading at home at least 5 times a week. We love getting to move along the road with surprises and rewards along the way!

At the end of the day we like to unwind and listen to our class novel read by an adult. What a lovely way to end the day!

We also have a box of novels so if we fancy a longer book to share with our family we are free to borrow these ‘Weekend Readers’ from the class library.

Yr 2 50 Good Reads