Year 2: Great Fire of London Day

This half term, as part of learning about the Great Fire of London, Year 2 had a very exciting visit from ‘Samuel Pepys’, who lived through the Great Fire. The children were amazed to hear that he had lost his horse, Ginger, and had time travelled all the way from 1666! Samuel Pepys explained that he had written a very famous diary about the catastrophe and continued to tell them all about it. After this the class then created some Great-Fire-of-London-inspired artwork, using oil pastels and different cutting techniques.
Mr Pepys spent some time talking to the children about chain ganging and the different attempts that were made at putting the fire out. The class then had a go for themselves, to see who could fill a bucket up the quickest. It took much longer than they thought!
In the afternoon, everyone got the chance to try writing with a quill and ink (it was very messy!), act out some scenes from the Great Fire of London, go on a treasure hunt to find Samuel Pepys’ stash, create a human timeline of the disaster and dance in the style of the time! It was a very busy day! 
Here’s summary of some of the other history learning opportunities that took place during the rest of the topic:
  • Compared jobs and buildings from 1666 and today
  • Created profiles of jobs from 1666 (picture and facts)
  • Wrote warning posters using imperative verbs
  • Gave out certificates to the ‘Best Londoners’, using the suffix -est
  • Wrote factsheets about the fire
  • Learned two songs during their music lessons (London Bells and 1666)

The children then worked together to set up a pop-up exhibition in class, which parents and carers were invited to come along to. The children really enjoyed performing their songs for their audience and then showing them around the exhibits. Thank you Miss Russell and Mr Johnson for all of your hard work providing these creative learning opportunities for the children, and thank you to everyone who came along to the exhibition.

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