Year 2: DT-Banish Broken Biscuits

This half term, in DT, Year 2 have been set the challenge of designing and making some packaging to protect biscuits. So far they have investigated and tested packaging, and sorted it according to various design briefs, and undertaken some focussed, practical tasks investigating nets and then choosing some nets to draw and make prototype boxes. 

This week they were again working on focussed, practical tasks that will help them meet the design brief, by investigating which methods of reinforcing card. They used a range of methods and then tested them out, using weights, to see which was the strongest. Next week they will apply all of this learning, and design their packaging. They are really looking forward to this, and very keen to start making, testing and evaluating these designs!

Well done Year 2 and thank you Mrs Breakwell for some fantastic DT learning.

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