“For art, she had pinned up hundreds of autumn leaves on one of the cracked walls.”

                                                                          Eleyne-Mari Sharp

What a busy and exciting Autumn Term in Year 2! 

In Autumn term, Year 2 have learnt about lots of exciting things! In our first half term we read tales of fire breathing dragons and were inspired by the Great Fire of London. In the second, we have been exploring the cold polar regions of the world and finding some interesting friends along the way. Read on to see some of our highlights from English, Science and Topic lessons.

In History, we learnt all about The Great Fire of London! We had a special History Day where we explored the everyday life of people from 1666, significant people, such as, King Charles II and the key events of the Great Fire of London.

In English, at the end of Autumn Term, we wrote ‘losing stories’ based off the story ‘Lost and Found!’ We enjoyed designing a tale where our main character lost something precious and eventually found it again.

To inspire our the setting for our story, we visited Tiddesley Woods and made note of what we saw, felt, heard and smelt. We spent time imagining what interesting characters we could meet there!

In Science we have been learning about everyday materials.

We sorted objects by their materials and learnt how to describe their properties. One way we enjoyed exploring materials and their properties was through a ‘Material Hunt!’ We also investigated a range of materials to find out if they were absorbent or not absorbent (waterproof.) We discussed what material a bucket should be made from and decided plastic or metal is best. We were surprised that people in 1666 made leather buckets… so we investigated how they made them waterproof. We found they did this by covering it with wax!



When Year 2 were reading the Emperor’s Egg, by Martin Jenkins, in their English lessons, they learnt about Martin and how passionate he is about the environment. The children were inspired by this and by the work of nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy, to have a go at creating some art using autumn leaves.


Year 2 attended a wonderful gymnastics festival, organised by Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College. The children were supported to have a go on lots of new equipment and were encouraged and supported fantastically by Blessed Edwards young leaders.